Buying Sculptured Windows and Doors

Sculptured windows remain a very popular choice, particularly in uPVC.  In this article, we explain more about sculptured windows, look at other styles and also explain which aluminium bifolds can match your existing or new PVCu windows.

sculptured windows
Can you buy an aluminium bifold to match PVCu sculptured windows?

Aluminium bifolding doors for sculptured windows.

One of the reasons sculptured windows remain popular is their suitability for the wide variety of British homes. There are many different sculptured profile windows available from some of the best brands such as Rehau, Veka or Eurocell.  The Liniar PVCu sculptured window is particularly popular with home improvement companies as well as being slimmer. A putty line feature is another great benefit for those wanting a good looking window.

Ovolo is another name for sculptured.  The prominent feature is how it resembles the beading on traditional windows. With PVCu windows especially, sculptured windows give you all the benefits of timber look windows with the security, energy efficiency and newness of PVCu.

As well as opening out casement windows, you can also have sculptured tilt and turn windows or fixed windows.

Chamfered PVCu windows.

Chamfered windows look slightly different in having a slope to the edge of the profile. This style of window particularly suits older properties thanks to its flatter and neater look, often slimmer too.

Consequently, sculptured windows are ideal for larger windows, conservatory glazing or door side panels.

alumina residential doors
The Alumina residential door using a combination of both aluminium and PVCu

Choosing aluminium bifolds for sculptured windows in PVCu.

With many houses having brand new or older PVCu windows, you will already be happy with your purchase.  However, if you’re extending or updating your doors, there are some good reasons to consider a bifolding door matching the sculptured windows in your home. For instance:

  • You want bifolding doors to replace your existing French Doors benefitting from more flexibility and a bigger opening in the summer.
  • The intended bifolding doors are in close proximity to existing PVCu windows such as in a conservatory or orangery.
  • The windows in your home come in one of the latest woodgrain or plain colour foil finishes.
  • You just like the look of a more traditional looking bifolding door.

Above all, the benefits of aluminium bifolding doors are well-known over PVCu versions and recommended for this type of patio door.


Presently, there are two products available to match the aesthetics of PVCu windows.  One is the Integral Bifolding door from Epwin Windows. New to the market it is marketed exactly for this purpose.

The Alumina bifolding door offers, in our view, a more sophisticated and technically superior proposition.  The hardware is excellent with premium construction, look and feel. Alumina comes with a low threshold also having a weather rating. The sizes available with Alumina give you bigger door panels and more glass as a result.

As well as bifolding doors, sculptured aluminium like Alumina by Liniar also enable you to have matching single or French doors. The same profile as the bifolds ensures a consistent look throughout your home.

Other reasons to consider sculptured windows and doors.

Contemporary bifolding and sliding doors look great in the home, often providing a great contrast to existing windows.  However, the softer lines of a sculptured aluminium profile are also compelling reasons to consider it.

  • Your home has existing timber sculptured windows and a new timber bifold is too expensive. Therefore, look at a woodgrain aluminium bifold door as a solution.
  • Older and character properties suit a more traditional looking or woodgrain door over a contemporary product.
  • You may prefer sculptured doors like Alumina being easy on the eye compared to the flat appearance of other aluminium systems.
  • You prefer the look of a more classic looking and elegant door in your home.

Contact us for where to view and buy sculptured aluminium doors.

When it comes to bifolding doors, we always recommend looking out for different products, particularly new ones; Sculptured doors are one such example.  Our advice is to see the doors and compare to other brands to make a well-informed choice.  

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