SUNFLEX windows and doors

SUNFLEX windows and doors offer contemporary glazing solutions as well as complementing the premium and desirable SUNFLEX range of bifolding doors, sliding doors and frameless products.  Suitable for the replacement for old windows and perfect for new building projects and home extensions. Aluminium windows feature desirable square edge profiles, creating an altogether more visually appealing window style.

The aluminium range of SUNFLEX windows and doors comes with multiple configurations, opening options and colours. At the same time, they provide certified security and weather performance with durable powder coated finishes and quality window hardware.

sunflex windows and doors

Contemporary SUNFLEX windows and doors.

Every SUNFLEX aluminium window and residential door comes made to order. As well as the correct configuration there is also a choice of fixed windows, floor-to-ceiling windows and windows with opening elements.  The SUNFLEX suite of aluminium windows also comes with a frameless or visible corner.  Above all, SUNFLEX windows and doors are meticulously crafted by hand with attention to detail and a premium look and feel.

Top and side hung windows open out hinged on the sides or top/bottom of the product.  Window sizes of up to 1400mm allow large modern windows with enhanced ventilation and bigger glass sizes. Furthermore, corner, bay and windows integrated with doors create combination screens.

Tilt and turn SUNFLEX windows provide convenience with added flexibility.  First of all, tilt and turn windows come in much bigger sizes than casement windows, up to 2400mm high.  As a result, they work well for contemporary houses and extensions.  Additionally, they provide access to flat roofs and terraces.  Best of all, the turn nature of the window allows easy cleaning of the outside surfaces from the inside.

SUNFLEX SAL-300 and SEF aluminium windows.

The SAL-300 and SEF range of aluminium windows comes offers opening and fixed windows in over 200 colours and virtually unlimited styles.

SUNFLEX windows come with a choice of window furniture, having multi-point locks and robust locking handles.  For windows in coastal or severe locations, an enhanced marine grade powder coating provides extra protection for the window surface.

Discreet trickle ventilators provide background airflow and meet current Building Regulations.  Furthermore, first-floor opening windows come with egress fire-escape hinges.  Optional window restrictors allow control of window openers when needed.


bifold door gable window

Fixed, gable and apex windows.

When created as a fixed window, SUNFLEX aluminium windows come as large picture windows, floor-to-ceiling glazing and shaped windows or screens.

For new extensions, gable or apex windows work with SUNFLEX bifolding doors, creating a large window above the bifolds with consistent sightlines and vertical mullions.  An ideal way to create a feature elevation on the back of the house.

Sunflex Residential Doors.

The SAL and SEF range of single or double SUNFLEX residential doors offers back or side doors as well as contemporary front doors.

Every door comes with insulated aluminium profiles with quality glass units. SUNFLEX residential doors offer several benefits over conventional PVCu doors.  First of all the bigger size capability of aluminium allows taller and wider doors where other materials need additional sidelights or toplights.  With door sizes of up to 2400mm high, SUNFLEX single and double doors work well alongside bifolding or sliding doors at the back of the property.

Where needed, the aluminium doors combine with fixed or opening windows to create porches or entrance screens.  A standard or optional low ramp-type threshold allows easy access as well.

Finally, residential doors come with a choice of vertical and horizontal rail sections. Ideal for back doors with lower solid panels or for creating doors with multiple glass panels.

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