Hybrid Sliding Doors

Hybrid sliding doors offer an individual and contemporary style with the benefit of aluminium on the outside and a selection of different woods on the inside. Available several door styles, with big glass panels, patio doors make the most of your outside space.  Hybrid doors having two different material in their construction, provide different looking doors for the home, with excellent security and very low U-Values.

Hybrid Sliding Doors for patios, balconies and terraces.

Just like every other composite material patio doors or windows, hybrid sliding doors offer very high insulation with aluminium externally and engineered timber inside the room.   You will also find recyclable aluminium and responsibly sourced wood too.

With these composite sliding doors, also known as timber-clad doors or aluminium-timber sliding doors, comes the choice of inline or lift and slide operation.  There is even a tilt and slide opening option with many brands. Some of these doors comprise the top of the range operating systems and door gearing.  Premium locking systems such as Winkhaus, Siegenia, Roto Frank, GU and other top brands are commonly found with well-designed products.

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Hybrid windows and doors

These composite sliding patio doors offer contemporary styling too.  Some systems offer sight lines as thin as their aluminium counterparts.  Therefore there is no reason not to consider the right hybrid patio doors alongside other aluminium slimline patio doors for your home. There are even matching fixed screens and windows.

Several hybrid sliding door brands also offer a broad range of styles.  The outside of the door comes in a choice of profiles, aluminium face thicknesses and powder coated colours.  Inside you get several choices of wood, also available in natural or with a quality paint finish.  As a result these doors work well as an entry or exit door, to a terrace, a balcony and as a straight sliding patio door.

Reasons to buy hybrid sliding doors.

Choose a quality hybrid sliding door and also benefit from the latest in high security and excellent weather performance. Most good products come with PAS24 or Secured by Design security certification.  Excellent acoustics is one benefit of hybrid products.  For houses in city centres, near transport hubs or major road networks, these highly insulated solid wood frames with quality glass increase internal comfort.  Options with some brands include double or triple glazing, acoustic glass, additional frame insulation and other options.

  • Some of the highest performing windows and doors on the market.
  • An excellent lifespan of forty years or more with many good brands.
  • Highly energy efficient and with excellent acoustics.
  • An altogether different product from single material windows and doors.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Comes with substantial internal and external options for a customised sliding door.
  • Low thresholds available with well-designed systems.

Hybrid sliding doors systems and brands.

warmcore sliding door 1


The WOODALUX range from Alumil Aluminium is their latest product launched in 2019 combining aluminium and wood-composite materials. Internally, the range of sliding doors, as well as windows and entrance doors, has pure wood. As with all Alumil aluminium products, excellent design, thin lines and excellent performance come as standard.

The Alumil WOODALUX hybrid range is marketed as a unique product for modern architecture. Alumil is one of the major aluminium systems companies in Europe and internationally, also with a presence in the UK.

Idealcombi Futura Plus.

A Danish window company offering premium quality sliding doors, entrance doors and windows. The Idealcombi Futura+ range offers hybrid sliding patio doors in a choice of two, three or four panel designs. The Frame IC sliding door, as well as the Nation IC sliding doors, offer aluminium capped doors with the choice of a traditional wood-style glazing bead or a putty line aesthetic.

All products use FSC Certified timber with excellent U-Values.  Double glazed doors offer around 1.32 W,2K with triple glazing having around 0.77wm2K.  With these doors comes premium paint finishes.  For instance, the wood comes primed with a fungicide treatment without the solvents found in turpentine.  As a result, any exposed wood edges are well sealed as well as water and weather protected.

Kloeber Alu-clad

Kloeber UK is one of the leading providers of windows and doors in the UK.  Their Alu-clad range of hybrid sliding patio doors offers a premium door with a lift and slide operation as standard.

Softwood, oak or meranti woods feature on the inside of the doors with a powder-coated aluminium capping to the outside. As with all Kloeber UK products, these are top of the line sliding patio doors.  As standard, you get excellent security, outstanding weather performance and long-term reliability. Another benefit of Kloeber Alu-clad sliding doors is a consistent look with their range of hybrid windows.

Kommerling Premidor AluClip.

An aluminium outside, PVCu inside lift and slide patio door from Kommerling in Germany. The AluClip suite of sliding doors provides large doors up to 6.5 metres wide and up to 2.6 meters high.  Therefore, Kommerling AluClip offers large and stronger PVCu sliding doors than other plastic systems.

This hybrid sliding door comes also comes with extensive glazing options of up to 50mm for integral glass blinds or triple glazing. Furthermore, the Lux AluClip model provides even thinner sightlines thanks to a thinner sliding door sash profile.

Nordan Windows and Doors.

Scandinavian Nordan windows are one of the premier brands of hybrid systems in the world.  Their sliding door range comprises two or four panel patio doors in a choice of colours and woods. Subject to the product chosen, spans nearly 8 metres allow big sliding panels with maximum glass and impressive views.

One great feature of Nordan sliding doors is their sealed ball-bearing arrangement.  Consequently, these doors glide effortlessly with minimal user effort.  Lift and slide operation comes as standard.  Turn the handle to raise the door panel up and away from the frame, ready to move to the desired position.  Child safety features, trickle ventilation, and also emergency exit facility is just some of the features of Nordan products.


Tilt and slide, as well as Lift and Slide doors with Scandinavian slow-grown Redwood and Pine, makes these premium doors strong, durable and attractive. Mahogany and Oak are other options too. These sliding doors come with double or triple glazing and with a low threshold option.

With Nordan sliding doors come many different customisation options.  Insect screens, automatic operation are just two good features.  The lift and slide action additionally offers a locked-open position.  The door slides open and a turn of the handle lowers the panel to prevent accidental sliding.  This feature also works well offering partial ventilation.

Olsen Doors and Windows.

The Hajom Architect Series System from Olsen offers sliding patio doors with engineered timber internally.  Wood options include Meranti, Pine, Oak, Iroko Timbers as well as Teak. Their products offer high specification components from the German GU brand, one of the best on the market.

With the Architect Series of lift and slide doors, triple glazing comes as standard within this premium window having external aluminium capping. Hajom Architect Series doors are regarded as some of the best hybrid products on the market. Also available are quality low thresholds.

Senior Architectural Systems.

The Series 1 range of hybrid doors from Senior Architectural Systems is 100% British in Origin, from one of the leading systems in the UK.

Senior as a company places great emphasis on its environmental credentials.  Not only is their lift and slide hybrid door responsibly sourced, but their fleet of delivery vehicles is also eco-friendly.  Their lift and slide door comes with quality powder coated aluminium from Senior’s paint plant.  As well as a sliding door, Senior also offers facade glazing in the same materials as well as hybrid windows.

Warmcore Sliding Doors.

Introduced in 2017, the latest Warmcore sliding patio door offers the same innovative PVCu thermal core with aluminium inside and out.

One of the best features of the Warmcore hybrid sliding door is its soft close and anti-slam facility, making these great for family environments.  The doors also come in a big range of aluminium finishes as well as highly insulated Warmcore bifolding doors and windows. 


One of the best-known brands of hybrid windows and doors, Velfac 200 sliding doors are slim, durable and secure. With spans of up to 2.5 metres per panel, the Velfac product is suitable as a patio door, balcony door or entrance sliding door.

timber sliding patio doors

Velfac hybrid products are extensively used in commercial environments such as schools, hospitals and office buildings too. The engineering and design of the product also mean many housebuilders use Velfac windows and doors.  One standout feature with Velfac windows and doors is the many different windows and other doors available. Therefore these are some of the most flexible products on the market.