hybrid curtain walling

Hybrid Curtain Walling

Hybrid curtain walling offers large or small glazed screens for commercial buildings as well as residential property. Just like hybrid windows and doors, the construction is formed from two materials.

Aluminium on the outside with interior wood provides large glazed screens having coloured aluminium outside with wood surfaces inside. Like all other hybrid windows, curtain walling offers the same extended service life, excellent thermal performance and low maintenance.

Information about Hybrid Curtain Walling.

All the aluminium profiles used in curtain walling comprise full-length mullions with horizontal transoms meeting the mullions with square joints.  As a result, most systems allow tall spans, typically at four metres height without intermediate supports.

All brands of curtain walling integrate with opening windows as well as single and double doors.  The full benefits of powder coating are available, providing a choice of colour externally, with various timber finishes inside.  Furthermore, curtain walling comes with the full range of glass options, including high specification glass as well as the latest integral blinds.

The primary uses of hybrid curtain walling systems are in commercial buildings as facade glazing. They also have several applications in residential property as well.

Above all, hybrid products help create highly energy efficient buildings. Despite the large expanses of glass, the frames provide outstanding thermal performance.  When used in conjunction with the latest energy efficient glass, the energy saving overall is significant. Both aluminium and timber materials are also renewable and sustainable.

Most brands use sustainably grown FSC or PEFC timbers with 100% recyclable powder coated aluminium externally.

Timber is also non-conductive. As a result, the external aluminium connects to the wood profile without the need for an additional thermal break.

Uses for hybrid framing and curtain walling.

For residential property especially hybrid curtain walling has some uses inside and outside the home, for instance:

  • Internal gallery screens.
  • Tall interior screens with doors.
  • Exterior double-storey windows.
  • External glazed screens such or porches.

This advanced, weather resistance and functional product also provide solutions for many self-build homes also featuring prominently in Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

With two distinctly different materials, there is some thermal expansion as with all glazing systems. With so many joints in curtain walling, most systems offer protection for the product as well as the weather.

For instance, a good system protects against thermal expansion, having bonded yet flexible joints, allowing for any movement in a large screen. Therefore, not only does a large glass screen expand and contract with temperature changes, but it also has inherently high deflection loads.

hybrid curtain walling
Comar Alu-Timber Curtain Walling in a commercial building.

There are a number of hybrid curtain walling systems on the market.  One of the most widely used is the Comar Alu-Timber. Comar offers a comprehensive framing suite with matching windows and doors.

Performance specification on hybrid curtain walling is excellent.  Products meet the latest performance standards with inset windows and doors also having their own independent security and weather performance certification.   Product assemblies meet established standards such as BS 6375 for weather performance and BS7950, PAS 23 and PAS 24  for windows and doors.  Curtain walling can also comply to the stringent standards set out under The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology.

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