6 reasons to consider Hybrid composite Windows

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Hybrid Windows, also referred to as composite windows are growing in popularity.  Window industry research carried out by organisations such as Palmer research have also reported hybrid products as gaining market share.

What is a hybrid or composite window?

senior systems are one designer of aluminium and wood hybrid windows.
Senior Systems are one designer of aluminium and wood hybrid windows.

For those looking for the advantages of both aluminium and timber, a hybrid window can provide solutions.  Hybrid products feature aluminium externally and engineered timber internally.  Hybrid products from experienced companies such as Senior Architectural will be available as windows, doors, folding doors and even curtain walling or facade glazing. This combination of different materials in and out offers several advantages.

The best of both worlds for windows and doors.

Externally, hybrid windows benefit from all the advantages of durable and long lasting powder coated aluminium. This means there is unlimited colour choice, a further choice of standard, metallic or other finishes and the long life associated with the finishing process used to coat aluminium.  Added to the standard 25 year guarantee typical of most hybrid systems, these powder coated finishes on the outside can also be further enhanced for locations such as the coast, city centre or severe weather environments where extra protection may be required. Internally, there is the advantage of warm to the touch timber and what is a natural and highly insulated material.

Most major product groups are available as hybrid or composite

Senior Architectural as one example, offers a range of hybrid products to provide complete fenestration solutions.   Hybrid Windows are available as casement windows, entrance doors, bifolding doors and glazed screens.  You can even find lift an slide patio doors. Hybrid windows have been installed in Europe for many years already before their introduction into the UK Market.  You may find many systems with a European slant to them in their design (such as inward opening windows popular in Europe).  Senior Architectural in particular have designed and created products made in the UK and specifically for the UK Market. Double and triple glazing is also widely available.

High thermal insulation

The high insulation found in natural materials such as timber means hybrid windows are extremely well insulated with low U values or Window Energy Ratings.  Hybrid windows are widely approved by organisations constructing eco homes, passivhaus buildings or sustainable homes. The Code for Sustainable homes sets down a grading criteria in order to meet the BREEAM ratings. BREEAM is the global leading method for assessing and rating buildings that sets the standard for sustainable building design and construction. Hybrid Windows can go a long way to meeting up to 40 of the 119 BREEAM credits required to achieve a rating of “excellent”.

Environmental Credentials

Hybrid Windows consist of two materials (aluminium and timber) that are infinitely recyclable with no landfill waste.  Additionally the timber sourced for hybrid windows comes from certified forests.  The aluminium used externally is already well known for it’s recycling capabilities as well as being and unlimited resource.

How much do Hybrid Windows Cost?

As with any bespoke product it will be necessary to obtain prices from your local installer that specialises in hybrid windows.  We would recommend a manufacturer and installer of hybrid windows that will normally be more competitive than a company that buys in ready-made products.  Generally aluminium systems companies will provide material to their network of skilled and approved manufacturers of hybrid windows.  These manufacturers either supply and install the product or provide them fabricated to the trade. Please contact the website and we can assist you further.  On average you will find hybrid windows approximately 20% more than aluminium windows.

Additional information about hybrid windows.

composite or hybrid windows offer the advantages of aluminium externally and beautiful wood internally
Composite or Hybrid Windows offer the advantages of aluminium externally and wood internally

Hybrid Windows will typically feature the “eurogroove” arrangement found on many PVCu and timber products that enable industry standard locks and hardware from the major lock manufacturers to be used.

This not only ensures that tried and tested hardware is fitted but in years to come replacement hardware should not be difficult to source.  Hybrid windows will meet the very latest security testing such as PAS24

The engineered timber used in hybrid windows also benefits from great strength, being a solid wood profile.  It will not twist or warp.  This solid section also helps achieve great sound insulation particularly on large glazed screens.  Most roof sections, large window profiles or facade glazing made of aluminium will have hollow profiles that can be prone to resonance of the hollow box sections.

Hybrid windows help achieve good acoustic performance all round. Hybrid Windows also benefit from advanced mitre and joint technology, no exposed end grains of wood profiles and a smooth timber appearance.  The advanced manufacturing that goes into hybrid windows also enables products to have excellent weather performance achieving great results for air, wind and water resistance under professional testing.

Hybrid or composite products will also integrate with each other meaning screens can incorporate windows, doors, sliding doors and much more.