Hybrid and Composite Windows

Made using a combination of materials, hybrid windows or composite windows come in a choice of opening styles, colours and designs.  One benefit of these windows is the many different looks available.  Innovative and technically advanced, hybrid windows, therefore, provide a great alternative to conventional aluminium, PVCu or timber windows.

Contemporary Hybrid Casement Windows for the home.

Hybrid Windows provide high performance windows combining the best features of more than one material.  These are some of the best windows available anyone looking for beautiful windows having high performance and the best in energy efficiency. Discerning homeowners, architects and premier house builders choose these composite material windows for their design, functionality and reliability.  Composite and Hybrid windows also make up the majority of windows in Passivhaus and other energy-efficient buildings.

There is a substantial choice for hybrid windows.  For instance, some of the top German systems in PVCu windows offer their versions using aluminium outside with PVCu internally. Some of these systems provide even more technology than their standard ranges.  Therefore, there is no reason not to consider a PVCu composite product as well as the well-known aluminium-timber construction.

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Hybrid windows and doors

Every hybrid window comes with good design, excellent acoustics, high security and good energy efficiency. You will find these windows more expensive than single materials. However, you get longer lasting windows as well as higher performance. Our advice is to talk to a good installer, look at all your options and decide whether hybrid windows are better.

Why buy hybrid windows?

All modern PVCu, aluminium and timber windows meet the latest security, weather and performance standards.  However, hybrid windows above all look different and especially on the inside of the property.   Many high-end window companies offer these composite window as their premium or luxury brand alongside other cheaper windows. The internal wood surface is one great reason to consider composite windows. Combine this with the aluminium outside, and these do provide a low-maintenance product compared to full timber windows.

  • An altogether different appearance compared to single material windows and doors.
  • U-Values and Acoustics are generally better with composite windows.
  • Very environmentally friendly and fully recyclable at the end of their life.
  • Triple glazing often comes as standard.
  • Stronger then single materials with impressive profile rigidity thanks to the solid wood internally.
  • An excellent range of handles and locking options.
composite windows
A full house of composite windows from Velfac – a premium brand.

Systems and Brands of Hybrid and Composite Windows.

Several different brands in the UK come either directly from the manufacturer, from Europe or through a professional installer network. Just like other aluminium windows, there are mid-range or high-end brands.

Listed are some of the well-known composite windows providers in the UK.

Comar Alu-Timber.

Comar is best known for their highly specified range of aluminium windows, commercial doors and curtain walling.  The Comar Alu-Timber range comes from a nationwide network of trained fabricators and installers. Casement, bottom hung as well as side and top hung windows offer several opening options.  Tilt and turn windows create larger sizes with easy cleaning from the inside. Every Comar Alu-Timber product integrates fully with matching hybrid entrance doors and curtain walling too.

Windows and doors by Comar are one of the best British systems. The inside of a Comar Alu-Timber window uses engineered timber with laminated bonding of the material creating a smooth and knot-free finish. Available also with solid timbers as well as Ash, Larch, Oak, Eucalyptus and Softwood.

Engineered timber is stronger than the solid materials and guarantees against bowing and twisting.  The quality construction of Comar hybrid and composite windows also features sealed timber joints.  Consequently, the entire window has protection from rot or moisture. Therefore, Comar Alu-Timber has a 30-year overall design life.

Centor Europe.

Centor provides premium quality windows and doors with outstanding quality, attention to detail and the finest door hardware.  The 200 series with wood on the inside and aluminium on the outside offers folding or fixed windows using European Oak.


The WOODALUX hybrid window product from Alumil Aluminium is coming in 2019 having their renowned aluminium profiles on the outside and wood-composite materials too. The inside of Alumil WOODALUX also features pure wood.  As well as windows and framing, Alumil provides hybrid sliding doors and entrance doors.

For hybrid windows with the tilt and turn features, ALUMIL offers the M23000. Available for both doors as well as windows.

Alumil is renowned for the technical superiority of its aluminium extrusions.  Every product features outstanding thermal performance, minimalist profiles and designed for long-term reliability. Contact us for where to buy Alumil Aluminium products in the UK.

Internorm Windows.

The premium-brand of German Internorm has both PVCu-aluminium and timber-aluminium hybrid and composite windows in the range. Every window in the Internorm KF suite comes with powder coated aluminium outside and PVCu inside.  KF stands for Kunstoff (plastic) and Fenster (window).  Internorm hybrid PVCu-aluminium windows come in six different versions, depending upon the U-Value, appearance or level of protection and privacy.

The HF range of composite windows from Internorm has four different versions.  Similar to their other ranges, appearance, insulation or protection and privacy determine the right product. Square modern edges, very low U-Values and quality woods form the range.  Inside the windows, wood options include Oak, Ash, Walnut or Larch.  There is also a window as standard with integral glass blinds.

Internorm Windows come via a network of quality window installers in the UK.

Idealcombi Futura Plus.

Made in Denmark, Idealcombi introduced the first hybrid window in 1988.  Today the Futura+ window range continues to innovate. A flush casement hybrid window with all the features of a timber window is the latest product. The Idealcombi product also has excellent thermal insulation thanks to a new thermal core made from an imperishable moulded profile.

Slim sightlines, flush casement windows, contemporary windows and traditional looking windows are all included in the range. These advanced hybrid windows suit both new build projects as well as replacing old windows. For instance, a window sightlines of just 53mm makes these composite windows thinner than many full aluminium products marketed as slimline. Casement, inward opening as well as tilt and turn windows are available.

Kommerling AluClip Windows.

Hybrid windows from Kommerling in Germany have aluminium outside and multiple chamber PVCu inside.  A superior suite of aluminium-clad PVCu composite windows in several different options of appearance and thermal insulation.

Several different models come with the Kommerling AluClip Range.  AluClip is the basic aluminium/pvcu composite window system. AluClip Pro bonds the aluminium cladding to the PVCu profile.  As a result, the aluminium element of the window takes up all the structural integrity needed.  The PVCu profile inside, therefore, needs no additional reinforcement. The AluClip Zero model offers a composite window system with several different looks.  Firstly a flush-mounted appearance thanks to a near flush pane of glass.  Also available is an all-glass appearance.  Finally, colour options include powder coated aluminium or wood finishes.

Kloeber UK Alu-clad

Alu-clad windows from Kloeber UK come as flush casement opening windows, tilt and turn and fixed windows. A timber-aluminium hybrid window with matching entrance doors or hybrid patio doors.

The window range has high-performance, security and weather resistance as standard.  The inside wood surfaces come with oak or softwoods and powder coated aluminium cladding to the outside. Kloeber UK is one of the best known window companies in the UK for premium brands of aluminium or hybrid windows and doors.


Nordica windows have Scandinavian pine on the inside using latest technology paints for long service life. Both their traditional or contemporary windows come with double or triple glazing and very low U-Values as a result.

Meranti, Oak and Mahogany woods come with stained or painted surfaces in all their various window products.  Choose from casement windows, tilt and turn windows or sliding windows.


Scandinavian-made Nordan windows come in several types and design. Nordan enjoys a reputation as one of the top hybrid window brands. are one of the premier brands of hybrid systems in the world.  The company started in Norway in 1926 with the UK operation located in Scotland.

Inward opening, tilt and turn, side opening and shaped windows form just part of the overall big range. There are also several options for window insulation, ranging from standard to Passivhaus.

Senior Systems Series 1 Series 2 and Series 3.

The Series, 1 Series 2 and Series 3 range of hybrid, timber aluminium windows from Senior Architectural Systems provide casement, tilt and turn, reversible overswing as well as fixed windows.  All come as double or triple glazed with a painted or lacquered internal wood finish.

One of the few hybrid windows sourced and made in the UK, available through a nationwide network of manufacturers and installers in the UK. Series 1 windows come in several window opening styles. This suite also integrates with other products in the Senior Hybrid range.  Series 2 is a slimline version similar to the full aluminium version Series 2 flush casement window. Series 3 is a curtain walling system creating glass facades.

Warmcore Windows.

Synseals’ Warmcore suite offers thermally efficient bifolding doors, sliding doors and residential windows.  Warmcore windows have aluminium on both faces, separated by a large multiple-chamber thermal core.

The Warmcore range of aluminium windows comes in the full RAL colour range as well as having a flush casement detail on the outside. 

Rationel Windows.

The Rationel range of hybrid windows has external aluminium cladding, therefore, providing additional protection to the timber construction elsewhere.  The Rationel system offers either 32mm double glazing or 52mm triple glazing.

The FORMAPLUS traditional window ranges feature softer lines suiting older houses.  The AURAPLUS contemporary range of windows suits modern extensions and houses with flatter profiles as well as square glazing beads.

Velfac Windows.

The Velfac range of aluminium-wood windows offers different products for houses, commercial projects and windows for housebuilders. The 200 System from Velfac is the best-known having 54mm sight lines and a modern appearance.

Like other quality brands of hybrid windows, Velfac comes with casement, tilt and turn or reversible window products. The double glazed Velfac composite windows provide several looks such as floating sashes, motorised opening option or a flush looking appearance with the recessed installation option. Widely used in the UK, Velfac windows come with the latest certification and a 12-year guarantee.

comar alu timber e1546849455784
The advanced Comar Alu-Timber Hybrid window