Senior Systems launch brand new aluminium window.

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Senior Architectural Systems has been long established in the UK and offers a vast range of windows, doors and curtain walling systems.

the senior systems series 2 window is another aesthetically excellent window that is easy to fabricate and install.
The Senior Systems Series 2 window is another aesthetically great window that is easy to fabricate and install.

Part of their innovation includes their splendid Hybrid Windows, the very thermally efficient PURe range of windows and even fibreglass windows that are making significant headway in the social housing sector.

Senior Architectural have now launched a new aluminium window to complement their existing range further.

The new Aluminium Series 2 casement window is now available, and we are pleased to review and provide further information on it.

Senior say that this new window gives new and enhanced aesthetics, improved thermal performance, is adaptable and flexible.

A new type of aluminium window.

In October 2015 we reported on the second generation Origin Twin Flush Window that remained at the time unique. It was and remains the only all aluminium flush casement window.

The Senior Aluminium Series 2 window is a window that while not a flush sash offers another alternative. For anyone seeking a product that moves away from the traditional vent that overlaps a frame, an inline vent is on offer.

The Senior Aluminium Series 2 window is now a real contender for one of the slimmest aluminium windows on the market. A window with an opening vent offers an overall edge of the outer frame to the glass line dimension of only 54mm. This easily positions it as a viable option alongside the many Crittall replacement windows in aluminium.  It is slim.

Examination of the section drawings on this new window reveals an outer frame that is very much like a cill in its appearance. The outer rear frame comprises more than nine different components including seals, capping pieces and adaptors. The sash section sits against the back of the frame and is also quite a complex section with several profile/adaptor components. Despite this, the window is very easy to fabricate.

Another great feature of this window is that the sight lines replicate those of the Hybrid System. This results in two complementary systems of identical external sight lines and appearance. For commercial buildings, a combination of hybrid windows and the new aluminium window can be used without compromising on the exterior aesthetics.

Is Senior’s Series 2 Aluminium Window a residential or commercial window?

Senior Systems are very successful in the specification market. Senior have an experienced team that works with architects and it is commonplace to see Senior Systems frequently specified in some of the best commercial developments all over the UK.

Many commercial projects while regarded as non-domestic work are new flats, apartments and housing in general. So while you will rarely see Senior windows in a typical double glazing showroom, what you will see is Senior windows often fitted in dwellings glazed by commercial contracting companies.

For new build applications, the Senior Series 2 window is ideal and there’s no reason why it could not be used in residential work as well.

As with any new product, the question arises as to how it would work in a straight replacement window situation. Typically, domestic windows will be 70mm or 75mm frames front to back. The Senior window offers overall frame sizes of 141mm.

U Values of the Senior Aluminium Series 2 Window.

  • U-Values are quoted as low as 0.95 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN standard commercial window. On close examination of the window, you can see the polyamide thermal break as well as quality gaskets and seals.

By using the optional EPS011 Foam Insert and EPS010 Foam Strip, the thermal performance can further be improved. Fabricators will need to be aware that with this EPS insert and strip option vents must be face drained only.

Senior windows make site installation easy

The glazing method of the new Senior Systems aluminium window makes it ideal for site installation. It can be fabricated and delivered unglazed. All glazing is carried out from the inside.

Should site conditions require glazing of the windows after other trades have finished on site the design of the window makes it possible for later stage glazing. Furthermore, should glass need replacing in the future there is no need to remove the vents beforehand.

Other features of the Senior Aluminium Window.

Double glazed units can be glazed in 28mm standard thicknesses and can also accept 32mm, 36mm and 44mm glass.

Aluminium once again demonstrates that it is superior to PVCu windows when it comes to vent sizes. Side hung vents of 1000x1584mm are possible and top hung vents can be made at nearly 1600mm square. This large vent design may not suit the average domestic property but certainly works well for contemporary extensions with large glazed panels and commercial buildings as well.

The full range of powder coated colours are available as are anodised finishes as well.

The Aluminium Series 2 window system is tested in accordance with the latest performance standards. It will meet in accordance with BS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009 for Weathering & Performance

  • Air Permeability 600
  • Water Tightness 600
  • Wind Resistance 2400
  • It is also security tested in accordance with PAS–24:2012.

What we think of the new Senior Aluminium Window

In our view, it’s a great shame well-designed aluminium systems such as Seniors are not more widely seen in domestic double glazing showrooms. We have worked with Senior products for nearly two decades and know them to be well designed, easy to fabricate and great to install.

The Hybrid Windows as well as the SPW300, SPW600 and PURe are also great looking windows that feature the same simple yet advanced design.

We know this window is going to be successful commercially thanks to the great work Senior do in the architectural specification sector.

A real contender for one of the slimmest windows on the market.

The slimline aesthetics of this window and it’s unique design make it completely different from the mainstream, and we wish Senior Architectural every success with it.

If you’re a trade fabricator looking to add a really good system to your portfolio, we can recommend the products and service levels offered by Senior – such is our experience having worked with them.

We would love to hear what you think of the new Aluminium Window by Seniors. You can leave a comment below.