Senior Architectural Launch new PURe aluminium window

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Nick Dardalis

Senior Architectural Aluminium has an excellent range of aluminium door and window systems and have recently been innovating with a new range of windows such as their fibreglass window systems. 

thermally broken windows have been available for many years. senior systems have introduced a completely new generation of insulated window.
Thermally broken windows have been available for many years. Senior Systems have introduced a completely new generation of insulated window.

They also offer a great range of residential and commercial windows, doors, curtain walling.  Adding to the range are also hybrid windows of aluminium externally and real wood internally. Established in 1991, Senior Aluminium is the largest privately owned aluminium systems company in the UK.

What is the Senior PURe® Aluminium Window?

The new PURe® window range from Senior Aluminium Systems is a brand new range of aluminium windows that benefits from very low U Values thanks to a completely different way of achieving a thermal break on a window.

The Thermal Break on an aluminium window is typically a polyamide (a type of nylon) that breaks the metal to metal contact between the inside and outside faces of a window and effectively insulates an aluminium profile.

Early aluminium window systems had thermal breaks made out of a resin that was poured into the profile and allowed to cool.  More recently polyamide has been used instead and the huge advantage of polyamide was that it was more thermally efficient as well as simplifying how dual colour windows could be made.

polyamide has been used for many years already and is a nylon
Polyamide has been used for many years already and is a nylon

For many years now, aluminium windows have achieved their Window Energy Ratings and U Values owing to polyamide but the new Senior Aluminium Window has moved away from polyamide and uses expanded polyurethane foam instead.  This gives the new PURe window even better performance.

So now there is a completely new generation of aluminium window, manufactured in the UK giving long service life and designed to meet current and future building regulations.

The new generation of aluminium windows.

the new senior aluminium window features polyurethane foam as a thermal break
The new Senior Aluminium window features polyurethane foam as a thermal break

Polyurethane foam is not a new material and has already been widely used in construction and can be found in external cladding, aluminium panels and insulation products generally. The benefits of polyurethane have now been brought to an aluminium window.

This means that not only does the new Senior window have U Values as low as 0.71Wm2K but it has a lifespan exceeding forty years and makes the window infinitely recyclable.

What does the new Senior Aluminium Window mean for commercial or residential projects?

This brand new aluminium window meets Passivhaus standards and futureproofs the window for the upcoming increased window U values in future building regulations meaning it will exceed current regulations and exceed future ones.

Additionally it offers a Green Guide A rating for commercial windows, B Rating for domestic installations but with the option of triple glazing and glass units of up to 50mm thick, enables high performance windows all round.

For the existing manufacturers of Senior Aluminium Windows, there is no new tooling required to fabricate the new PURe® window meaning it can quickly be integrated into a product range as a new product.

The specification market keen to surpass U Values and offer improved energy efficiency will be impressed with this new type of window and its credentials.  These include:

  • Impressive weather performance of 600Pa for air and water and 2400Pa for Wind Resistance no matter whether a tilt and turn, top hung or side hung window is specified.
  • High security windows tested to PAS24: 2012 and British Standards BS6375
  • A window offered by a systems company with an excellent reputation, range of products and customer service.
  • Integrates with other Senior Doors, Windows and Curtain Walling
  • Available as a double or triple glazed window.

Other environmental benefits of the Senior PURe® Window.

The Senior Architectural PURe® Window offers some of the very best U values and far exceeds the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.  For commercial building construction it can all play a part in reducing the overall carbon emissions and making a building cheaper and easier to keep warm.

This reduction can also enable architects and contractors to save money elsewhere in other energy-saving products and possibly reduce the need for items such as photovoltaic roof panels, under floor insulation or brise soleil.

In addition to this window, Senior has the new Ali Vu window, their latest slimline aluminium window, also worth considering.

If you would like more information on the new Senior PURe®Aluminium Window, please contact us.