SAPA Crown Bifolding Doors

The SAPA Crown Sliding Folding door is an addition to the successful SAPA Crown range of windows and residential doors and completes the Crown range with an aluminium sliding folding door.

Designed for residential or commercial applications bifolding doors from two to seven pane doors can be created as well as sliding left and right and opening in or out.

Features of the SAPA Crown Bifolding Door

the sapa crown bifolding door benefits from a continuous hinge and an integral d handle with shootbolt locking.
The SAPA Crown Bifolding door benefits from a continuous hinge and an integral D handle with shootbolt locking. (Image courtesy of SAPA Building Systems)

The SAPA Crown bifolding door offers 75mm front to back dimensions meaning it is compatible with the window and door systems also 75mm direct fix.  Sight lines on the meeting stiles when doors are closed are 165mm where two doors meet and 121mm at the head and cills.

The system offers a polyamide thermal break giving U Values of 1.5Wm2K.

Hardware for the Crown bifolding door has been specifically designed for the doors and is not proprietary hardware used on some other systems.  An example of this is the unique Shootbolt & ‘D’ Handle.  This provides key locking and shoot bolts in one handle and lock arrangement.  Crown bifolding doors can therefore be locked with the multi point locking system and provide entry exit and locking from both sides of the door.

Door leaves feature a rebated arrangement that is designed to provide improved weather performance and aid security.

The SAPA bifolding door can now be manufacture at up to 2500mm high.

SAPA Bifolding doors feature a continuous hinge

One feature of the SAPA Crown Bifolding Door not often seen on other bifolding door systems is the continuous hinge.  This means there are no separate hinges as found on other bifolding doors ensuring sight lines remain consistent, there are consistent aesthetics on the hinge side of the folding leaves and an anti finger trap feature.

Another benefit of the continuous hinge is that there is no hinge adjustment required.

For the fabricator, there is an integral cill option meaning less material required that keeps costs of materials lower with less aluminium to coat, fabricate and stock hold.  Adjustable jambs giving +/- 2mm mean detailed site adjustments can also be carried out.

From October 2016 a new slimmer profile is available with the SAPA Crown Sliding Folding Door. This new 59mm profile helps improve the thermal performance even more. It also makes the SAPA Crown Bifolding door available with a square profile aesthetic.

Other improvements to the SAPA Crown bifodling door include a deeper glazing cavity.  This now enables glazing up to 40mm thick for those that desire a triple glazed unit.

The SAPA Crown bifolding door is available through a network of approved SAPA fabricators or installers.

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