Commercial Aluminium Products

Use of Aluminium Products in Commercial Buildings.

The drop down menu on commercial aluminium products features the various product categories.

This section of the site  highlights the products, hardware and information on Aluminium Systems for Commercial Installations and tries to clearly define the differences between residential and commercial projects.

The commercial market is dominated by the use of aluminium products rather than plastic because aluminium installations are generally architecturally driven and it is rare for PVC systems to be used, although naturally there are exceptions.  Commercial entrance doors, ground floor framing, curtain walling and hardware such as access control systems and architectural ironmongery lend themselves totally to commercial environments and are totally fit for purpose where PVC products may not be.

What constitutes a commercial installation has always been up for debate as, for example , a development of “dwellings” could be termed commercial if you are supplying to the Trade. We tend to regard commercial installations in this section as anything which is not a residential dwelling.  The range of products and systems for the commercial market is vast and in this section we will include products for commercial applications such as:

  • Commercial Doors
  • Curtain Walling
  • Ground Floor Treatments
  • Windows (whether casement, tilt and turn, pivot, sliding, reversible or secondary)
  • Roof and Bespoke Glazing.

We will also focus on the range of hardware available for commercial systems, particularly doors such as:

  • Automatic Door systems
  • Access Control
  • Fire Exit
  • Building Regulations
  • Product Innovations
  • Latest news and products from the Aluminium Systems Houses

and of course much more.

We encourage questions,  feedback and discussion.  So you have any questions on commercial products or if you are a retail window company considering commercial work we would be delighted to hear from you.  You can comment on any of the posts, or send us a direct message by completing the contact form.