Acoustic steel doors

Acoustic steel doors provide effective sound protection in buildings. Made of steel and available in many types and styles, they’re a barrier against excessive noise in work, leisure and other environments.

acoustic steel doors

Sound insulation and protection with Acoustic steel doors

Many applications demand sound protection or a quieter environment. Steel acoustic doors come as single or double door sets with the same colour and hardware options as steel entrance doors but with greater sound protection.

Acoustic values of these door types vary depending on use. Typically they meet up to 38dB solutions. As a result, they’re widely specified in work, leisure or educational environments. For instance, hospitals, schools, music studios, concert halls, science rooms or plant rooms.

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Commercial aluminium and steel Products

Therefore, an acoustic door provides protection on both sides of the door depending on the use.

These come made with the same galvanised steel construction. Other features include multiple locking points, panic bar hardware and self-closing devices. The exterior and interior finishes are powder coated to certified standards in substantial colour options.

Usually the design of these doors is a full single or double set and not often available with glazed side or top panels.

Of course, being mostly commercial grade doors, they come with the required features for public doors. Examples include low threshold, DDA compliant hardware and safety glass.

Features of steel doors with sound protection

Both the door sash and frame come with a combination of single and double skinned galvanised steel. Added to this is a honeycomb core with mineral wool insulation. Where the doors come glazed, there’s acoustic laminated glass.

Surround the door frame or sash are multiple seals assisting sound proofing combined with the fully welded construction and other features. The hardware too come designed to seal better against the steel door and frame.

More information about acoustic steel doors

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