External Aluminium Doors

Medium-duty external aluminium doors are those doors not required to deal with high volumes of traffic. However, they do require the energy efficiency, security and weather performance of residential doors with reliability.

General information about external aluminium doors

medium-duty external aluminium doors doors in riverside flats

Predominantly residential in design, medium-duty external aluminium doors suit buildings without the need for the heavy-duty and high traffic commercial doors, used as entrance doors, fire-exit doors or plant room doors.

However, many of these residential-inspired doors do come with additional features. One of these is a heavy-duty option with more robust profiles and hardware. Other uses include situations where doors require alternative hardware. Such doors may be connected to building fire-alarm systems, have basic exit devices or access control systems.

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Commercial aluminium and steel Products

Furthermore, where commercial doors have the option to open both in and out, these types of doors open only in or out.

Homeowners replacing doors or improving their homes are very selective with features such as aesthetics such as slim sightlines. Architects and building concentrate more on the value of the product for their projects comprising dwellings. A purchaser of a new dwelling generally accepts the glazing systems provided as part of the build.

As a result, architects frequently specify systems such as Exlabesa Systems, Senior Architectural, Technal Systems, Jack Aluminium, Reynaers and Schuco. All excellent systems companies but rarely chosen by or available to homeowners directly. Similarly, it’s rare to find products by well-known retail brands such as Origin used commercially.

Functionality, design and specifications of external aluminium doors

With the same thermally insulated profiles, quality hardware and durable powder coated finishes, these doors come with similar specifications to retail products.

Energy efficiency is excellent, security and weather performance independently tested and certified. In fact, proving the performance credentials of these products commercially is often a pre-requisite. Architects create the specification for their glazing systems at the design stage.

Uses for aluminium doors used commercially

There are multiple uses for external aluminium doors in all manner of buildings.

Small commercial developments with multiple occupation

Care homes and private hospitals rely on these doors as exterior doors to bedrooms, offices within the building and communal areas. Typically they lead out to balconies or outside spaces.

Schools and educational establishments of a smaller nature also use these doors as exterior classroom doors leading out to communal areas or playgrounds.

medium-duty external aluminium doors doors in new flats

Commercial developments of dwellings

With many commercial developments of new homes and apartments, these buildings require a reliable and quality door. Typically they’re installed as exterior doors to communal areas, balconies or as part of a Juliet balcony.

As well as this, these doors suit the penthouse apartments and especially suit integration within facade glazing and curtain wall systems. The rental market, retirement communities, as well as privately-owned housing all, feature these types of doors.

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