A Brief History About Steel Windows

If you’re considering replacing your old steel windows, it may help you to know a history of your original steel windows. Steel windows were the staple product of many properties in England and have been fitted in homes and commercial buildings since the 1930’s. Many steel windows form the appearance of British buildings

The slim and slender window profiles of an original steel window play a huge part in the overall appearance of that property.  If you are looking to replace your old steel windows and above all, you care about the appearance of your property (an appearance that the steel windows play a large part in), you will want to find a steel replacement system that will blend in with your property. Providing the same look as your original windows yet also providing the modern advantages of thermal performance, security, long life and low maintenance.

Your existing single glazed steel windows may well be typical of the hundreds of thousands of steel windows installed in properties over many decades and you will want your new windows to match these.

If your home is in a conservation area modern steel replacement systems in aluminium may still meet the requirements of conservation officers.  It is worth checking with your specialist installer beforehand, who will be able to advise you as to the suitability of the steel replacement system as well as being able to provide samples and section drawings if required.

Steel Windows came with many advantages, but these can now be recreated and improved with modern aluminium.


Curved steel crittall window
Modern aluminium steel replacement systems can accurately replace classic steel windows such as this “sunshine” bay

Original steel windows have several benefits in having a strong and secure construction and a coating intended for a long lifespan.  Aluminium Crittall Replacement windows today offer the same benefits of the original steel windows in having quality construction, largely hand made but with high security and excellent weather characteristics.


Glass is a key element of any window.  Here modern crittall or steel replacement systems can be installed so that the window retains the look of the original leaded glass, curved “sunshine” bays or any other modern appearance if needed.  Modern double glazing uses high specification sealed units that retain the heat in a home as well as increasing sound insulation.  Gasses such as Argon or Krypton gas further add to the thermal performance of the double glazed sealed unit.

Whilst traditional steel windows cannot be beaten for their classic look, long life and their ability to enhance the look of a property, it is a regrettable fact that replacing old steel windows with new can be prohibitive when compared to modern aluminium systems.  However those looking to replace their windows do finally have a choice in excellent aluminium window and door products that can match the aesthetics of the original windows but significantly improve the thermal efficiency, security and overall performance at significantly less cost than steel.

If you would like further information on the latest aluminium Crittall replacement systems or other steel replacement systems, please contact us.

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