Information about steel windows

Are you looking for information about steel windows? What is your perception of old Crittall® and other metal windows installed in our homes? Metal windows have not been feeling much love for many years. Regarded by many as damp, cold and to some an association with post-war council housing. However, in some properties steel windows look fantastic and above all completely appropriate.

information about steel windows

However, as with all things there is a cost. A plastic window is the cheapest replacement window you can buy, aluminium and timber follow and the most expensive will be steel.

Information about steel windows and how to replace them.

There are still many people that believe replacement windows can only be pvc or timber. They won’t know that modern double glazing is available in many materials all with modern advantages such as excellent security, thermal efficiency and more.

Similarly there are many double glazing firms that only do pvc windows .  When faced with a steel window replacement in a character property will they propose pvc or suggest the right Crittall Replacment Windows?

If you have old steel windows, that you simply can’t afford to replace with new steel windows (that today also perform as well as any modern double glazed product), you have to look at credible alternatives.

Budget is a key factor for many home owners, especially in the current market. Many have already replaced their old crittall windows with pvc alternatives. If you are not worried about your aesthetics, there are no planning or conservation area issues, you are governed entirely by budget, or simply like white plastic windows, that is fine.

However many houses do require proper Crittall replacement windows. Houses where the wrong product can seriously affect it’s value.

So what kind of properties come under this category where the right replacement window is key?

Art Deco inspired houses.

steel windows. many will simply rip them out, others will realise their significance to some properties.

Without a doubt Art Deco properties are all about slim windows. These are the properties that were largely fitted with steel windows and anyone with a true Art Deco house who insists on keeping all its original charm would insist on slim windows.

Ideally you would replace your steel windows with an exact copy, however if budget is important, a specialist Crittall replacement window installer will be able to provide credible alternatives to steel.

The traditional 3-bed semi.

the typical british home. shown here totally original and the white pvc in the adjoining property

1930’s England is famous for its 1930’s houses and in particular the semi detached. Aluminium Crittall replacement windows are ideal for the old metal windows that you might still see. One difficult and expensive area in some of these houses is what’s called the sunshine bay. Where the original bay window returns with curved horizontal window profiles and curved glass.

Many double glazing companies will avoid doing this kind of work on sunshine bays. Again budget can be the deciding factor, but if you can afford to and wish to replicate the original, aluminium crittall replacement windows can achieve this. Specialist companies will do this easily.

black powder coated window in hardwood subframe with external crittall bars. typical of country properties and cottages

Traditional houses, Country Properties, Cottages and Barns.

Here window replacement can be more complex with a definite leaning away from plastic windows and doors. Country properties can have planning constraints but if not, anyone in a country property, cottage or barn will almost certainly consider a sympathetic window replacement. After all, it is the character of the property that attracted them to it and they will almost certainly wish to replicate it.

Aluminium Crittall Replacement Windows will be sympathetic with the building. Some properties will require direct fix, others will have stone surrounds, others will have oak subframes.

a stunning mock tudor building where only original steel or aluminium steel window replacements would do.

Tudor and Mock Tudor.  These properties have wood as a prominent feature internally and externally. You will notice how the original windows seem to blend in with all the features of the house – they are simply part of the character.

Again, Aluminium Crittall Replacement Windows can retain this vital character assisted with special colours, slim sight lines and replicating much of the original glass work if needed.

Update February 2018.

Since this article was written, why not visit our comprehensive steel replacement section on our website, giving even more information about how current aluminium windows compare to their impressive steel counterparts? 

Contact us if you need specialist help and advice on choosing the right  Crittall or Steel replacement windows.