Aluminium Rooflights

Latest generation aluminium rooflights have excellent design and engineering, bringing light into a room from above. At the same time, they’re safe, secure and endure all types of weather. Aluminium rooflights come in many sizes, styles and colours with different glass options too. Another term for rooflights is skylights. The contemporary nature of aluminium rooflights makes them a perfect addition for large span patio doors in new extensions or for existing roofs.

Information about aluminium rooflights

The many different manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium rooflights all offer products meeting recognised industry standards and specifications. Moreover, some go further having full BSI or Kitemark accreditation on their products. Others meet set standards for glass and conformity of roof products, including the thickness and type of aluminium extrusion used.

Generally, skylight or rooflight systems comprise a thermally insulated frame and either double or triple glazed unit. Besides the insulated aluminium frame, it’s the glass as well as its specification that’s important. The better insulated the glass the better the interior comfort. Glass specification also helps reduce overheating in the room from the overhead glass.

In addition to high insulation, rooflight glass must also provide safety. Most models come with toughened glass on the outside and laminated glass on the inside or middle panes with triple glazing. The obvious reason is protecting property occupants in the unlikely event of glass breakage. Laminated glass holds together when broken, whereas toughened glass shatters into many harmless and blunt pieces.

Then comes the choice of opening or fixed aluminium rooflights. Fixed models work in most new extensions designs. Opening models work particularly well for flat roof extensions adding extra ventilation when required. Most quality rooflights also come with the option of manual, electric or sensor-controlled operation.

One of the most recent innovations are also smart skylights. These integrate with today’s home automation systems. Therefore, they provide the usual smart home conveniences. They fully link with Siri, Alexa and Google.

aluminium rooflights

Design and construction of aluminium rooflights.

Choosing aluminium rooflights gives the trade and homeowner some excellent examples in design and construction.

Most fixed aluminium rooflights provide a near-frameless appearance on the inside with a minimal frame. Externally there are several options for aesthetic, one of the most recent being the Titan Edge Rooflight offering smooth glass edges, and with no pooling of rainwater.

Roofmaker, Sunsquare and other quality rooflight providers offer their own innovations. For instance, only one jointed corner on Roofmaker products thanks to a continuous acrylic seal. Other specifications include marine-grade polyester powder coating or triple glazing as standard. Above all, most products meet strict specifications for homeonwer and public safety in commercial installations.

From good suppliers, you can expect flat and pitched rooflights both in fixed and opening styles. Then there are shaped examples such as round, pyramid shapes all with opening ventilation options. For enhanced protection, there are fire-rated models too.

Installation of skylights and rooflights

Most quality systems of aluminium rooflights are remarkably easy to fit onto an existing or newly created upstaged. Fitting is fast, sealing is excellent and long term performance assured with quality manufacturing and installation guarantees.