Titan Edge Flat Rooflight Review

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Nick Dardalis

Aluminium rooflights are an excellent addition to a home and especially a new extension. Adding light from above, rooflights work within other contemporary glazing products such as the latest modern sliding doors and bifolding doors.  The Titan Edge Flat Rooflight is one of the newest rooflight products on the market, offering some excellent features over other products.  We review the Titan Edge rooflight and why you should consider it for your home.

Titan Rooflight
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There are many great rooflights on the market, but we like the Titan Rooflight because it's very well made, brilliantly designed and offers a smooth glass edge to the perimeter, whereas other products rely on a frame.

Editor's Rating:


  • The glass edge design.
  • Attractive polished glass exterior.
  • Doesn't protrude far from roof upstand.
  • Low U-Values


  • None we can think of.

Contemporary Titan Edge Flat rooflight.

The company and people behind the new Titan Edge rooflight come with many years experience with roof products and glass. Now, this experience creates an altogether new type of rooflight. Designed and made in Hampshire, Titan rooflights bring innovation and excellent aesthetics compared to other brands. The team looked at other products on the market, making this product better. The skylight design we’ve seen looks beautiful, modern and elegant.  And with this great appearance comes excellent thermal performance, built-in security, safety and it is easy to fit too.

The rooflight comes in Grey RAL 7016, Black RAL 9005 or these colours outside with white inside at no extra cost. You can order other colours on special order. For the sizes, you get the choice of  1000m x 1000m, 1000 x 1500m or 1000 x 2000m as standard. Different sizes are available to special order too.

The new Edge rooflight stands out for its edge-to-edge glass. As a result, the external appearance is unlike other rooflights, relying on aluminium trims and edging materials.  There are also other features you’ll find on this product.

titan edge flat rooflight

A polished smooth external design.

Not only do the glass edges create smooth edges, but they also provide the ability for water just to run off the glass. While other rooflights are, of course, weather resistant, this design is excellent in wet weather.  The rain just falls away from the edge of the rooflight without silicone or edge trims for possible water collection.

Our advice is to see this rooflight and then compare it to other products. We’ve seen rooflights from Atlas, Sunsquare and others – this simply looks much better.

Sits flatter to the roof for a seamless appearance.

The Titan flat rooflight stands 63mm above the upstand of the roof.  This again is less than other products on the market.  Therefore when looking at the rooflight from above, such as a bedroom window down to the flat roof, the look is neater and seamless. There is just less protrusion.

Enhanced Security with the Titan Edge Flat rooflight.

As standard, the glass on this rooflight is laminated on the inside pane.  Not only does this offer better noise reduction, but also a valuable safety feature.  Should the glass break, the interior laminated glass holds together and does not drop glass down into the room.

Laminated glass is just like a car windscreen. A plastic layer between two pieces of glass holds broken glass together and will not come away.  Laminated glass also gets used in Secured by Design certified windows and doors, thanks to its improved security features.  Consequently, in residential property,  the shatterproof  laminated glass is a peace of mind feature.  Another benefit is laminated glass offers a 98% reduction in UV rays, protecting furniture and fabrics from sun fading or bleaching.

While other rooflights come with the option of laminated glass, often this is not offered to homeowners.  Most rooflights typically come with 6mm toughened glass. While toughened glass is strong, when it does break, it shatters into thousands of small and relatively harmless pieces.

Thermally Efficient with 1.3Wm2K U-Values.

The glass construction you get with the Titan Edge flat rooflight is a 32.4mm glass unit. Outside you get low maintenance solar reflective toughened glass. The laminated glass mentioned is 6.4mm thick also has a low-emissivity coating.  There is argon gas between the two panes and a warm-edge spacer bar.

In the summer months, this glass construction helps cool the room below.  In the winter, it helps keep the rooflight energy efficient with low U-Values. Therefore with other high performance glazing, helps reduce energy bills.

Titan rooflight benefits for installers.

Most modern flat rooflights come with a clever design and intended to make installation easy.  The Titan product is no different.  It is easy to fit but with a valuable benefit for installers.

When the fully-made and glazed rooflight comes to the site, it is in one piece and with fixing straps already attached. This, with the benefit of no additional trims or accessories, means installation, is always quick, neat and easy. Installers tell us that there is far less tidying up of the overall installation using this rooflight compared to other products.  Finally, a smart ‘pocket’ on the inside for the plasterboard to sit looks altogether neater in new extensions.

titan glass rooflights e1560253512983
Installation of contemporary Titan Rooflights by Aspire Bifolds of Surrey.

Titan Edge Flat Rooflight, what we think.

Rooflights in a new extension have several benefits.  First of all is the added light from above.  Then you get to enjoy the daylight hours more, relying less on putting the lights on in the autumn and winter months.  Rooflights are desirable, attractive and add real value to a home, a flat roof or an extension. With the Titan rooflight, the designers have taken all the great features of existing products and made them better.  Above all is the glass edges that work well if you’re looking for a very contemporary styling and to complement other modern products such as slimline sliding doors or frameless slide and fold doors.

There is a considerable amount of choice with rooflights today, and you won’t get a bad product anywhere. Any well made and correctly fitted rooflight will be functional and durable.  Our advice is to look at the glass and performance specifications and look at product appearance and how they will look from inside your room and when looking at them from above or outside. The Titan rooflight is one of the newest and cutting-products on the market and well worth considering on appearance, design, security and thermal performance.

If you want to upgrade the performance of the rooflight, options exist for alternative higher performance glass.

Prices start from around £900 supplied and fitted with the larger size at approximately £1200 including fitting.

The Titan Edge Flat Rooflight comes from a network of professional installers. Use our contact form to get in touch for more information and where to buy.

Images courtesy of Aspire Bifolds in Surrey, specialists in contemporary windows and doors as well as installers of this product.