Frameless glass sliding doors

Frameless glass sliding doors are aluminium patio doors designed with a minimal amount of framing.  These modern and highly-engineered sliding doors are ideal for home improvement projects where the thinnest possible doors are required or for floor-to-ceiling doors and windows.

Information about frameless glass sliding doors.

It is important to understand the construction of frameless glass sliding doors as there is some confusion, especially online as to what constitutes a frameless product.  Many sliding doors are marketed as frameless however they possess both an aluminium outer frame and aluminium around the sliding panels.

All frameless sliding doors require some aluminium framing, therefore, no sliding door is entirely frameless.  Aluminium framing still plays a vital part in these frameless sliding doors for many good reasons.

  • To provide a location, fixing position and locking points for the door locking system.
  • To enable door handles to have a secure fixing point.
  • To enable colour choice.
  • To provide protection to the glass unit edges.
  • To assist in the overall structural integrity of the product.

These slim-framed aluminium sliding doors can be frameless thanks to the various methods with which they can be installed.  One of these is recessing the frame into the wall to conceal it, leaving just he door panel visible.  The result is a near frameless appearance.

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The huge appeal of frameless glass sliding doors is their very thin sight lines. The sight line is typically at the door mullion with many systems ranging from 17mm or more.  You can find out who makes the slimmest sliding doors if finding the thinnest possible door is one of your requirements.

What is a good frameless glass sliding door?

All modern systems available today offer good design, excellent weather performance, high security and a choice of door style and configuration.  With good sliding doors, you can expect stainless steel components and hardware, toughened glass, smooth-running sliding panels and a secure locking mechanism.

Where more premium sliding door system will differ is better quality components, a bigger choice of door furniture, wider and taller panel sizes and a wide range of possible uses.  Sliding doors can work internally or externally in the home.  Source from an experienced installer with years of experience and you will get an innovative glass sliding door that will give many years of reliable service.

Where can you use frameless glass sliding doors?

The most common use of these thin aluminium sliding doors is external to create floor-to-ceiling glazing, as doors in a new extension, or sliding doors to replace the outgoing old door.  For enhancing a living space or creating an impressive glass room, these slim sliding panels are ideal.

As well as external use, they can be used as a room divider, within a conservatory or new glazed extension. Simply put, they are suitable for use internally or externally like any other type of door.

Thanks to their engineering and design, frameless glass sliding doors at the biggest sizes are effortless to slide and use.  There are even ways of automating the sliding door so they open and close at the touch of a button or by remote control.

Where can you buy aluminium frameless sliding doors?

It is very important to choose a door installer that has expertise in these types of sliding doors as well as bifolding doors and complex installations.  Any good sliding door company should be able to demonstrate their experience through a good portfolio of installations, customer testimonials, certification and accreditation.

The installation of these doors differs from a conventional aluminium patio door bifolding door.  A frameless glass door is manufactured around the glass and glazed doors are difficult to handle without expertise and/or special handling equipment.  Regular patio doors are designed to arrive on site unglazed with the glass being one of the last things to be fitted with the product.

These frameless glass door will either be supplied and fitted by the company that manufactures them, or they will be purchased from an experienced trade supplier.  The trade supplier route does not necessarily imply a more complicated supply chain.  Some customers will like their installer to also be the manufacturer, however, the vast majority of the door industry does not manufacture and buys-in all its products.

What types of frameless sliding doors are available?

Our research shows a large number of British and European sliding door systems available on the market.  One of the most dominant in the UK is Cortizo Systems of Spain.   Many of the top brands in the UK are original or re-engineered Cortizo system doors marketed under different brand names.  This is nothing to be concerned about as many companies choosing one strong brand indicates just how good Cortizo systems are and the trust these specialist door installers place on their aluminium systems company.  All doors based on the Cortizo system are made in the UK.

IQ Glass is another excellent company providing slim framed sliding glass doors.   Doors from IQ Glass are premium sliding doors with a very thin 21mm mullion. Some version of the doors available from IQ Glass is available in moving panels of up to 12m2.

Sunflex is very well known in the UK for providing high-end windows and doors.  In the Sunflex range, you will find a big range of sliding doors including a frameless glass door in their SF20 system. While the SF20 is intended for non-thermal use, internal room dividers or balcony enclosures, other types of doors are also available.

There are many other brands of frameless sliding doors available from Schuco, Origin, Arkhay Windows, Everglade Windows and others. Contact us if you would like help with a local supplier.

If you are looking for internal glass sliding doors, a range of frameless interior sliding doors is available from Go Glass of Cambridge.  The interior doors from Go Glass, are frameless all round, creating full glass internal doors, suspended from a top track. A similar interior sliding door is available from Spaceslide, another well-known brand.

How much does a frameless sliding door cost?

A typical two panel sliding door, approximately 2400x2400mm can cost more than £8000 although prices do vary substantially based upon specification, sizes, location and many other factors.  We recommend you avoid budget prices and seek a firm quotation from a professional company.  Contact us for further information and advice on frameless glass sliding doors.