How Aluminium Trade Supply Can Help You

If you do not currently sell Aluminium products you are missing out on a massive opportunity. Even if you already sell aluminium products, are you sure that you are making the most of the growing aluminium market with huge potential?

commercial casement system example

More and more installation companies are making the decision to supply aluminium alongside their PVCu or timber product ranges. And the same holds true for manufacturing firms. Throughout 2014 and onwards that trend is set to continue as the aluminium market grows. This means that now is the perfect time to start selling aluminium products.

In the residential market the demand for aluminium products is growing year on year. Many people still wrongly assume that Aluminium fenestration products are only used in commercial properties. Whilst it is true that the commercial sector does represent the largest part of the market, more residential properties than ever are sporting aluminium doors, bifolding doors, windows and associated products. Consumers are now seeing the advantages of slim sight lines, high strength, design flexibility and colour choices that aluminium brings.

Largely thanks to television programs like Grand Designs the demand for aluminium doors and windows (including bi folding doors) in residential properties is soaring and is showing no signs of slowing. Leading industry analysts and market data reports the continued rise of aluminium home improvement products.

Above all, aluminium products are not subject to the heavy discounting and too good to be true offers prominent in the PVCu sector by the larger window companies.

Do You Have The Necessary Knowledge and Experience?

If you are currently thinking of entering the aluminium market you will need to create the right impression with your customers. And that can feel quite daunting if you do not have experience of dealing with the Aluminium supply chain.

Even if you are already supplying aluminium products, are you sure that you are working most efficiently, and are you working with the right systems companies? Can you confidently explain to your customer how their product is manufactured and installed. Are your sales staff more confident in selling PVCu than they are selling aluminium?

In a competitive and often price driven home improvement market, your customers will want the confidence that you have the experience and skills to handle their order. Your website content should give them that confidence, but they will also want to speak with you, and be reassured that you understand their project and their needs.

Selling specialist products like aluminium doors, windows and conservatories requires knowledge and experience, the customer often does not know a great deal about the product other than a desire to have the best looking, longest lasting and most reliable solution to their needs.

With our ongoing support you will have that knowledge and experience to call upon.

Aluminium Trade Supply Consultancy Service

Aside from creating unique and informative content for your website, we also provide ongoing consultancy services to our clients. This service includes:

  • Content creation for websites and sales material
  • Sales training
  • Advice on order processing
  • Technical support
  • Product Training
  • Understanding the Competition to help you sell better

We create bespoke solutions for our clients, mixing and matching our experience to fill the gaps in theirs. We can provide consultancy support on a one-off or ongoing basis. We can even talk to your customer directly representing you if you prefer. We are only interested in creating long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, so you can be assured that we will act in an ethical and professional manner.

Above all, we are experienced window people in both retail and commercial sales. We understand the business,the products, the market and the customer.
We are here to help you make the most of the opportunity to sell more aluminium products. We can help you:

  • secure orders by demonstrating to your customer that you have the necessary skills and experience
  • ensure that those orders are processed in the more efficient and profitable manner
  • give advice about customer care and after care issues.

Aluminium Trade Supply brings 25 years expertise in aluminium products. Let us help you sell more.