What do you know about aluminium commercial doors?

  • Do you install commercial doors anywhere from a small shop, a school or other commercial building?
  • Do you believe the doors you install always meet current standards and legislation?

We have put together a free information pack giving you helpful information about simple changes you can make to help ensure that you are installing compliant doors.  Whether you are a specialist commercial installer or a domestic installer that also does small commercial contracts our information pack can help you as an installer.

Find out more and test your knowledge about commercial doors with our quick survey.

If you would like to receive our free door information pack please take our 4 minute survey, test your knowledge about the doors you currently install and find out more.  It is anonymous to participate in and your answers will not be publicly revealed.  We will be revealing the correct answers over the coming weeks and you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

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At the end of our survey, you will be invited to submit your email address.  Please participate and do not hesitate to contact the website if we can help you with commercial doors or any other product in aluminium.

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