Aluminium Verandas and Canopies

Aluminium Verandas and canopies or glass houses comprise structures designed for open or closed protection for patio areas and gardens. These come as either free-standing or attached to the home. The main advantage of these modern covered structures is using outside areas most of the year.

aluminium verandas and canopies

Information about aluminium verandas

The construction of aluminium verandas and similar glass canopies firstly comprises highly engineered aluminium profiles. These also come with durable powder-coated finishes as well as fixings designed to endure an external environment.

First of all, is the choice of a covered roof only design with fully open sides. Then there’s the choice of closing off the sides with the latest slide and turn systems, frameless glass doors, bifolding, sliding or stacking glass doors.

Most of these designs suit single glazed products often without thermal insulation or a severe weather rating. For improved insulation and sealing, glazed extensions provide a better solution. These are structures specifically designed for better enjoyment of outside patios and gardens.

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Moreover, a covered glass structure such as these provides all manner of advantages during the entire year and changing seasons. First of all, is the protection in the summer from sudden showers or gusts of wind. In warmer weather full open sides with options for blinds, awnings and other methods, also provide cooling and sun protection.

The autumn months also provide an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more. Here, overhead or side protection afforded by the glass provides a usable area. During winter months, these glass verandas come with heating options. Additionally, the covered natures even protects garden furniture from full exposure to the weather.

There are several uses for structures such as these, for instance:

  • Covered areas for a patio area
  • A separate glass ‘pod’ or garden room made of glass and aluminium
  • Car ports
  • Covered Walkways

Types and styles of exterior glass rooms

Choosing the right aluminium veranda or canopy system means a choice of products available in multiple designs and configurations, outside of a conventional square or rectangular style.

Using a combination of components, these canopies come as square, angled, bay or curved designs. Of course, there’s also the option of creating one-off designs. Both the roof and the vertical glazing comes with side or corner returns, facets, curves on plan. Besides a modern style, there are even designs such as a traditional conservatory style.

Another key component of a veranda is the choice of glass. All come with safety glass as standard. Then here are options for enhanced security glass such as laminated. There are also high specification glass types for sun protection, cooling and even self-cleaning.

aluminium verandas and canopies

Free-standing glass boxes

For properties enjoying larger gardens, these products also come as a free-standing glass room solution. While not an insulated product, it provides a garden room, summer house and modern garden architectural feature.

Some popular features of aluminium verandas and canopies include:

  • Infra-red heating, blinds and lighting.
  • Excellent design features such as visible architectural detailing.
  • Advanced design with German system having a silicone-free assembly for improved aesthetics at the joints.
  • Full drainage of rainwater such as gutters and downpipes
  • Cooling solutions such as permanent roof ventilation for improved interior comfort

All the major providers of verandas or canopies offer a high specification, quality construction and long lifespan. Furthermore, the products come tested to recognised industry standards. For instance, there are standards for steel and aluminium supporting structure, aluminium and steel profile quality. As well as this there are the usual guarantees on the powder-coated finishes, glass and hardware.

Aluminium verandas and canopies. Information for homeowners and the trade

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