Why Promote your business with ATS?

There are many benefits to advertising on Aluminium Trade Supply.  The site remains the first and only resource of its kind for promoting the use of Aluminium in Fenestration.

If you sell, manufacture or install aluminium doors, windows, framing, curtain walling, associated hardware or specialist products we can help generate brand awareness in your target market and genuine sales leads.

  • Aluminium Trade Supply actively promote your business and generate more awareness of your business and product.
  • Arguably The No.1 Aluminium Window and Door Website.
  • Thousands of Page Views and Unique Visitors every month and growing monthly.


Your advert can appear on every page of the site (site-wide), at the top of the homepage, or only on specific pages relevant to your business. We can provide reports showing the number of page impressions and click-throughs to your site.

For those advertisers that ask, we can create content on the site specific to their products and services. We then ensure that their advert is prominently displayed alongside their content. We can also arrange for the advert to appear alongside existing content, although this is subject to availability. As part of this service we will also create case studies for you.

It is important to understand that any links in “paid for” advertising are “nofollowed”. This is in order to comply with Google’s guidelines. Where editorially relevant we will link to your site from within articles.

Traffic From Search Engines

Because the site only features unique articles written by industry experts we enjoy prominent rankings in all the major search engines. This is important because our traffic is almost exclusively from people searching for terms related to aluminium in fenestration. Unlike some industry websites or blogs we do not try to boost our traffic by writing about subjects unrelated to our specialist topic.

This means that our advertisers enjoy exposure to their chosen target market.


Traffic to the Aluminium Trade Supply website comes mostly from Search Engines and Social Media. We have seen a consistent rise in the number of visitors, and repeat visitors. We can share some of our analytics reports with prospective advertisers.

If you are not getting the response you expect or cannot quantify the value of your existing advertising, Aluminium Trade Supply offers you the following advantages:

  • Promotion on a unique and very successful website
  • We are window people, actively involved in the industry and understand your market
  • We can create the case studies and content with minimal involvement on your part
  • Advertising on a website with excellent google rankings.
  • Substantial traffic and visitor numbers
  • The website already generates quality leads
  • Substantially less than the cost of magazine or other ezine advertising
  • Flexible terms and no long term contractual arrangement or minimum spend.

 Benefit from our expert advice

  • Help finding a competent supplier/installer
  • Get Expert Product Advice
  • Guidance for a Specific project

Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners, glazing and construction trades get the right aluminium windows and doors from the proper suppliers.