Buying Windows with Built-in Blinds

Windows with built-in blinds come in all the major materials.  As well as aluminium windows, pvcu, timber, and even composite hybrid windows all suit any of the integral blind systems on the market.

Integral blinds provide many benefits over conventional after-market blinds. We explain everything you need to know when buying new windows with blinds between the glass.

windows with built-in blinds

Information about windows with built-in blinds.

First of all, buying integral blinds for any window means getting in touch with a reputable supplier of windows and doors. Virtually all integral blind systems reach the homeowner through a network of home improvement businesses and window installers.  Few manufacturers of integral blinds supply the end-user directly as they are higher up the supply chain as manufacturers of double glazed units.

Therefore if you need a price for integral blinds for any windows as well as doors, you need to get a price for the windows at the same time.

Aluminium, as well as PVCu and timber windows all, use the same integral blind systems.  The deciding factor in whether any new or replacement window suits integral blinds is the glazing cavity, as well as the thickness of the sealed unit it accepts.  Most modern windows with built-in blinds come with a 24mm or 28mm glazing cavity for double glazed units.  Triple glazing also suits integral blinds being a deeper cavity – typically 32mm or more.

When you place your order for your new windows, the window manufacturer issues your installer with the glass manufacturing sizes.  These sizes form the basis of the order to the integral blind manufacturers.  Your integral blinds come made to these sizes.  Once your window supplier receives the glass with blinds, he glazes them into your new windows at your property as part of the overall installation.

Many PVCu and timber windows come factory glazed.  Where you need these types of windows with built-in blinds, your windows supplier either provides the units to the manufacturer or the manufacturer deals directly with a supplier of integral blinds.

The benefits of buying windows with integrated blinds.

One of the most significant benefits of buying windows with built-in blinds is less wear and tear.  The blind sits permanently sealed within the double glazed unit. Therefore, they never need cleaning, they do not gather any dust, and the blinds remain protected.  There is no risk of any damage from wind, children, pets or general wear and tear from being exposed to the internal environment of a home.

Another benefit of integral blinds staying clean and dust-free means a longer service life compared to after-market fabric, plastic or wood blinds.

The glass supplied with modern windows and doors is already of an excellent specification.  As standard, most windows today come with quality glass, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. Doors also have the same specification with the glass always toughened or laminated safety glass.  The result of this good specification is excellent energy efficiency.  However, when you fit an integral blind between the glass, the performance of the unit improves further.

Integral blinds sit very neatly within the glass also offering excellent privacy, with fewer gaps compared to cheaper wood, metal or plastic horizontal blinds. As with any other blind, they tilt as well as raise and lower.

Finally, the manually operated blind often comes with a simple magnet operation or electric option.  This makes windows with built-in blinds a safer product compared to dangling cords.  There is even a solar control integral blind option, opening and closing the blinds as daylight changes.

integral blinds cost
Origin windows with built-in blinds alongside Origin bifolds, supplied by Open Living in Letchworth.

What to consider when buying windows with built-in blinds.

One primary consideration when buying any windows with integral blinds is that the blind is part of the glass unit. This is a permanent fixture. Therefore, we suggest you visit a showroom and see how full-size windows with blinds look. Only by looking at a product can you decide if windows with built-in blinds are for you.

Furthermore, every integral blind needs a perimeter frame to house the mechanisms for the blind system.  Consequently, windows with integral blinds have less visible glass than standard glass units. Every integral blind differs.  Some have very visible raised and stacked blind slats, others less visible.  You should expect to see a thick sight line at the top of the units with the blind raised.

Despite the reduced glass sizes, the benefit is no new curtains or blinds.  Also, many modern aluminium windows and doors are slim, contemporary and highly attractive products. Therefore where after-market curtains and blinds obscure your glazing, integral blinds let you enjoy the fine lines and colour of your new windows and doors while enjoying privacy and shade from the closed blinds.

You can also have integral blinds in a conservatory with options also available for the conservatory roof.

windows with built-in blinds
Windows with built-in blinds also look great inside the home or office.

Getting a quotation for new windows with integral blinds.

To find out how much windows with built-in blinds cost requires extra and necessary information such as your window sizes, blind colours, preferred blinds operation and details relating to the window frames. Only then can you get an accurate quotation for your home improvement project.

Finally, there are even options for those windows with integral blinds needing repair.

Contact us to find out where to buy or get a price. You can use the contact form on this page for further information or for us to put you in touch with a local supplier offering brands of aluminium windows with built-in blinds.

Published on January 3, 2019

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  1. Helen Smith says

    Good evening

    I live in Northern Ireland, can you please advise as to who can supply these for my home?

    Thank you

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Helen

      Due to the increasing volume of comments, we are struggling to manage these via the comment forms. Therefore, please can you use our contact form where these are managed and always responded to.

      Kind regards

  2. Andrew Walford says

    Looking for a local supplier of Windows with integral blinds.

    If you could point me in the relevant direction it would be appreciated.

    Regards Andy.

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Andrew, thank you for your enquiry. If you can get in touch via our contact form with your location, I can put you in touch hopefully with some local installers and suppliers of windows with integral blinds.

  3. Patricia Wakeham says

    Good Morning Robert,
    I have been researching integral blinds for my kitchen windows. I have spoken to a couple of local glazing firms who say they do not supply them because of their unreliability. I should therefore appreciate the name of a reliable local supplier in the vicinity of Canterbury in Kent.

    Many thanks

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Thanks for your question Patricia,

      We are aware of some companies choosing not to supply these because of perceived unreliability but this is rare, the current range from Morley, Hitech and others are reliable assuming well made and fitted.

      In your area I can suggest Newlite that can help you and we know do good work with these products, windows, doors and other glazing products.

      Newlite Home Improvements.
      77 Bohemia Road
      St Leonards
      TN37 6RJ
      07801 514793
      01424 892013
      Please speak to Alan Burden.

      Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve any questions or need further information. 
      Kind regards

  4. Andrew Rosamond says

    I would like a cost for a single run of aluminium windows with integrated blinds for an internal office meeting room. The ceiling height will be about 2.4m and the run is about 6m I would also require a door I like true look of the picture of the office partition in your website

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Andrew, thank you for your enquiry. Our website is an information resource only and does not quote directly or provide any products. 

      If you get in touch via our contact form with your location I can suggest some products and some local suppliers/installers to get a quote.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  5. Robert Stephenson says

    I’ve been reading through your excellent website for a while now. I am in the planning stages of a small (3.5m x3.5m) extension and looking to get a head with doors and windows (actually, a sliding patio door and one large window).

    I am just about getting my head around the multi-layered business of doors/glazing – with extrusion manufactures, those that take the extrusions and create the doors and windows (but don’t glaze – such as Sunflex UK) and then those that sell the complete unit (with or without fitting). Exhausting! You do a superb job of maintaining this in an easy to use layout.

    Anyway to my point. I already have integrated blinds in existing (nasty uPVC) doors and windows and we really like these. A number of ‘end suppliers’ have told me they don’t fit them because they haven’t found ones sufficiently reliable. Personally I’ve had no trouble with mine. SO, I want to have integral blinds in both the window and sliding door. So far I have found 2 companies (Origin and IDS). Although I now need to go back to both as I’m not convinced they do such blinds in their sliding doors.

    Do you have any other suggestions – I’d like to have a 3rd company at least that I can go to for a quote?

    Many thanks for any help.
    Best regards

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Robert, thank you for your question and kind comments. Integral blinds are reliable but like any blind product they require careful use. Many of the problems we know with blinds are down to the, not being used correctly. The important thing is to use a blind from a good manufacturer as well as a good blind system. The Pellini system used by Morley Glass is excellent as is the Israeli system used by companies like Hi-Tech blinds. Both we know are reliable, both have their own unique set of features/plus points.

      Some installers do shy away from integral blinds. As you’ll have found out many installations and products come with a 10 year guarantee. Glass units (including glass with integral blinds) typically only come with a five year guarantee although many installers extend this to the standard ten, other do not. Therefore one reason for people saying unreliable is if the blinds do fail after their warranty period then the installer has to foot the bill.

      If you can get in touch via the contact form with your location I can put you in touch with some local installers of the sliding doors and windows you need.

      Hope this helps
      Kind regards