Integral blinds with automatic levelling

With most types of blinds for windows and doors, there is an inherent problem in the design, that the blinds often raise and lower unevenly. Particularly with cord controlled blinds, it is often the case that one side will lift and lower before the other meaning adjustment of the control to ensure they rest in a level position.

The same problem with uneven opening and closing can be found in some types of integral blind systems as well. The result is the slats look out of square and not level. Often, it can mean that the cord is not operating correctly as well.

Pellini integral blinds feature automatic levelling

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Screnline SV blinds feature magnet control with automatic levelling to keep integral blinds straight in use.

The Pellini range of Screenline integral blinds manufactured by Morley Glass feature an automatic levelling device to ensure integral blinds open and close straight and precisely every time.

Available for the SV system of manually operated integral blinds, this automatic level system works in several different ways.

The automatic levelling system of the Pellini Screenline system help this energy efficient and effective blind work in bifolding doors, sliding doors, entrance doors and windows.

The SV system uses a patented sliding magnet that lifts, lowers and tilts the integral blind. Integral blinds are housed within a 28mm unit. On the inside face of the door is the sliding magnet. Lifting and raising the magnet operates the blind. Rotating the magnet tilts the slats to the desired position.

The external slider cleverly works with the integral blind in a logical way to move in the same direction as the blinds.

Other features of Sreenline SV Blinds include:

  • A closed-loop belt transmission system that enables a reliable and smooth operation of the integral blind.
  • The magnetic slider is protected from bacteria and germs with a Sanitized® antibacterial coating.
  • SV blinds feature warm edge spacer bars for optimum insulation.
  • The magnet operation meets child safety standards for integral blinds.

How Pellini Screenline blinds benefit doors and windows.

The automatic levelling system on Pellini Screenline integral blinds creates a functional and easy to use blind with a sliding magnet operation. For bifolding doors, conservatory windows and large doors, it provides a convenient and cost effective way of operating integral blinds with one convenient magnet control and the built-in automatic levelling system.

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