Integral blinds in curtain walling.

One of the main advantages of curtain walling is not just the aesthetic benefits of a glazed facade but the fact that it is also cheaper than conventional building materials.  Consequently curtain walling is one of the most commonly used aluminium systems.

The further advantage of curtain walling is that it can integrate with virtually any kind of door, window, panel and glass type. It can also work brilliantly with integral blinds.

Why provide integral blinds in curtain walling?

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Glass technology is already sophisticated in commercial buildings. Integral blinds can enhance quality insulating glass even more.

Even with the best specification glazing such as solar control glazing, buildings with large elevations of curtain walling will frequently require other methods of ventilation. This ventilation can be in the form of opening windows, air conditioning, automatic opening vents and other solutions. Integral blinds provide an additional benefit for their privacy, thermal and aesthetic benefits.

  • Integral blinds in curtain walling mean no after-market blinds.
  • Aesthetically, the building looks consistent from inside and out.
  • There is no need to drill the curtain walling mullions or transoms to fit after-market blinds and compromise the performance of the system.

Integral blinds improve the excellent glazing performance of curtain walling even more.

Any high-performance glazing used with integral blinds improves the already good thermal performance of the double glazed unit even more. Integral blinds can be specified as a Venetian, pleated or even black-out blinds. Within one double glazed unit fitted with integral blinds come three key benefits:

  • Sunlight is managed.
  • Solar heat gain is even more controlled.
  • Light levels are controlled.

For the sealed units glazed into unitised or stick-system curtain walling, the better the glass specification, the greater the improvement when combined with an integral blind.

It is common to find curtain walling fitted inside commercial buildings to retain a consistent sight line with the external glazing. You will see curtain walling provided inside to meeting rooms, reception areas, lobbies and other parts of a commercial building fitted with curtain walling internally. Integral blinds can work in these applications where the aluminium curtain walling system is used for ‘interior partitioning’.

Integral blinds can keep building maintenance costs down.

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Fitting integral blinds to commercial buildings retains a consistent aesthetic. Beneficial where more than one company uses the building.

Commercial buildings call for sophisticated glazing systems designed for buildings handling a greater volume of people. Integral blinds provide a more reliable alternative to the traditional suspended blind systems with chains, cords.

The integral nature of the blind means simpler control, protection within the double glazed unit and a more reliable product in the longer term.

Integral blinds for curtain walling come in various types suitable for internal or external use.

Integral blinds provide solutions for curtain walling in dwellings.

It is now common to see residential buildings spanning many floors fitted with curtain walling.  Once the building is occupied the external appearance can change significantly as property owners choose their own colours and types of internal blinds or curtains.

Integral blinds can significantly improve a building by retaining the external aesthetic.  Prospecting buyers and tenants of residential property may also consider a building fitted with integral blinds as a benefit, saving them money on buying and fitting their own blinds.

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