How are integral blinds ordered and supplied?

An integral blind is a bespoke blind fitted between the panes of glass on a double glazed unit. Integral blinds are manufactured in highly controlled environments specially made product in a highly controlled environment.

Integral blinds have gained increased popularity and awareness in recent years. One of the reasons in the desirability of bifolding doors, large windows and sliding doors. Specialist manufacturers such as Leeds-based Morley Glass has been manufacturing integral blinds since 2002 – well before they became vogue.

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How are integral blinds supplied?

A specialist aluminium door and window company, bifolding door provider or other home improvement company will not usually make their own glass or their own integral blinds in glass. Most providers of replacement windows and doors source their integral blinds from specialist manufacturers.

Purchasing integral blinds from the right manufacturers is the most cost effective way of providing consumers with quality-made integral blinds for their bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows. By buying integral blinds from a company that specialises in the product leaves the door company to do what they do best, that is, provide quality aluminium or PVCu products with a sophisticated, reliable and purpose-made integral blind.

Integral blinds vary in specification, quality and type. Some are offered with a 5 year warranty and others on different delivery times, sizes and colours. Integral blinds offer a great privacy and shading solution for conservatories, orangeries, entrance doors and windows as well as bifolding or sliding doors.

How to order integral blinds for windows and doors.

Ordering an integral blind is similar to the process window and door installers use to order glass. The glass sizes are provided by the manufacturer of the PVCu or aluminium bifolds. These sizes are then provided to the glass and integral blind manufacturer.

Sizes of Integral Blinds.

The integral blind supplier will need to know the exact glass sizes to manufacture the blind and the glass units.  It is worth bearing in mind that some integral blinds are restricted in what sizes are available. We recommend you check the maximum widths and heights possible, especially if you are designing wide or tall doors. Several systems are limited to a width of 2.2 metres, making them unsuitable for large span sliding doors. Morley Glass blinds are available in widths of up to 3 metres making them ideal if you are looking for a two pane sliding door covering a 5 metre or more structural opening. For smaller windows and doors a minimum size of 300mm is common.

Colours of integral blinds.

Most integral blinds are available in a choice of standard and special colours. One of the most popular is light and dark grey, RAL7016, RAL7032, white, black and other shades.

Choosing how integral blinds open and close.

colour matched integral blind in a door
Integral blinds can generally be colour matched to the most popular colours for aluminium bifolds.

In specifying an integral blind, you have the option of manual corded, manual magnetic operation, solar powered or fully motorised options.

The final choice for integral blinds will depend on where they are being fitted.

Integral blinds can be manufactured for bifolding doors – whether new or where old glass is being replaced with new blinds. There are also systems for conservatories such as pleated blinds and heavy use products for commercial applications.

Integral blinds today offer a range of privacy and shading solutions for residential and commercial windows and doors. They can be fitted to aluminium, PVCu, timber, hybrid windows, steel windows and even the latest fibreglass windows.

If you would like further information about integral blinds for any dwelling or commercial building, contact us for a local provider.

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