Built in integral blinds safety features

In any family home, safety is a consideration. All around the home, we check to ensure that young children and the elderly are protected. Examples include preventing scalding, tumbles and falls, providing a clean germ-free environment and fire safety.

Window and doors can also be a safety concern. High-level windows may be fitted with restrictors; doors are equipped with toughened safety glass. Another concern is door and window coverings such blinds.

Are integral blinds safe?

integral blind in a window
Integral blinds in windows and doors come with many great safety features as standard.

As integral blinds become more and more popular for large glazed bifolding and sliding doors, how safe are they?

What you may not know is that a quality integral blind has several built-in safety features designed to make it safe for use in the home.

Standard safety features found in integral blinds.

Whether the integral blind is being fitted in a home or a commercial office, there will be some safety considerations. Integral blinds come with several methods of operation and control. These are typically wanded, cord, magnets, battery or hard-wired operation.

The cord control blind is one of the most popular choices. An integral blind with a cord will feature a mechanism that holds the cord tight against the double glazed unit. A cord tensioner will be provided to the mechanism to prevent slacking of the cord and keep it taut at all times. This tensioner also keeps the cord away from children’s reach.

For anyone concerned about safety with integral blinds, a magnet controlled or motorised blind are two methods to consider. These ensure the least amount of visible moving parts are accessible. Magnets or motorising removes the need for any operating device at the side of the blind.

Good quality integral blinds all feature in-built safety features ensuring they are fit for purpose for use in the home.

It is also worth remembering that all doors and low-level windows are required to be fitted with toughened safety glass.

Membership of the British Blind and Shutter Association.

Most reputable providers of blinds for windows and doors are members of the British Blind and Shutter Association. (BBSA). The BBSA is a UK Trade Association for blinds, shutters and associated products. This trade organisation helps to set valuable safety standards for all types of blinds.

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