Dispelling some myths about integral blinds.

An integral blind for a bifolding door offers a great solution for privacy, shading and can even enhance the thermal performance of the overall product.  There are also myths around integral blinds, some of which we explain and clarify in this article.

Myths about integral glass blinds.

faq's about integral blinds.
Dispelling some of the myths around integral glass blinds.

We receive a lot of enquiries about integral blinds, generated mainly from lack of knowledge about the product. Some salespeople have a negative perception of integral blinds which in our experience is unfounded.

Integral blinds cannot be made at large sizes.

Some salespeople report that integral blinds are only available up to 1 metre in width. This is not true as there are integral blinds such as the Screenline C-System that can be made much wider.  Therefore if you are looking for large span sliding doors or wide bifolding door panels, integral blinds are available. Integral blinds can be made to suit most wide and tall double glazed units.

Integral blinds are not available with triple glazing.

Another myth – they are widely available with triple glazed units.  You can even have integral blinds in laminated glass units, acoustic glass, in conservatory glass and many other glass unit products. Contact us for more information.

Integral blinds are too expensive.

As a long term investment, integral blinds represent great value. With a lifespan of many years, a correctly made quality integral blind should give excellent service.  An older premium integral blind should also have after-market support in the event of replacement parts being require.

Integral blinds have loose, risky cords and wands.

There are many cheap variants of any consumer product.  Choose a quality integral blind and you will find operation with no loose cords, in-built safe features and quality manufacturers being members of the British Blind and Shutter Association.

Integral blinds are ‘industrial’ and not for the home.

colour matched integral blind in a door
Integral blinds are not just for bifolds. A front door to a new build property with an integral blind.

One of the reasons you find integral blinds used in hospitals, factories and office buildings is because of the advantages they offer, not because they’re an industrial or commercial product.  In many clinical, clean and laboratory environments, integral blinds are the ideal solution which is why they are commonly seen.  Another reason you find internal blinds in many commercial buildings is because they are highly reliable given the large numbers of different people that can operate them. A great testament to their long-term reliability in the home.

Integral blinds cannot be repaired.

There is some truth to the belief that integral blinds are hard to repair, but it really depends upon the nature of the fault. It is important to remember (and the name says it all) that these blinds are an integral part of a hermetically sealed unit.  This is a double glazed unit, manufactured under controlled factory environments that is sealed, energy efficient, comprises warm edge spacer bars, argon gas fill and specialist glass coatings.

We recently reported on a homeowner with a 10 year old integral Morley Glass blind in a glass unit that broke.  The unit was taken away, serviced and re-fitted with a new glass unit. The more proficient the supplier, the higher quality the product, the better the service in the long term.

If you have any questions about integral glass blinds for bifolding doors, windows, entrance doors or sliding doors, contact us and we can help.

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