What is the right name for integral blinds?

Integral blinds are manual or automatic horizontal slatted blinds that are hermetically sealed between the double glazed units. There are several descriptions used when referring to glass units that have blinds as part of their construction.

The integral blind has become a very popular product for providing shade, privacy, enhanced sound and thermal performance and improved aesthetics.

Where can you use integral blinds?

bifolding doors with integral blinds
Morley Glass are the UK’s biggest and best known supplier of integral blinds, used by many companies serving the door and window industry.

Integral blinds have a wide variety of uses in both residential and business or industrial applications.

In the home, integral blinds are ideal for any window or door and suitable for timber, aluminium or PVCu.

The deciding factor in whether a door or window is suitable for integral blinds is the glazing cavity that window or door will accept. Regardless of material, a 28mm minimum sealed unit cavity is the minimum often required to take an integral blind.

For residential property, integral blinds can be fitted in bifolding doors, sliding doors, hinged entrance doors. They will also work perfectly well in most types of windows be they casement, tilt and turn or sliding.

For commercial applications, integral blinds are widely used in healthcare and education, office buildings as well as specialist uses. Where a reliable, easy to maintain and protected blind is required, nothing beats integral blinds.

Common terms for blinds between the glass.

integral-blinds-morley-glass-13Five standard terms can be used to describe blinds housed within a double glazed unit. These common expressions all mean the same thing when referring to the integral blind for windows, bifolding doors or other glazed product.

If you are researching integral blinds for bifolding doors or other doors and windows, it is quite likely you will find these descriptions.

Integral Blinds.

This is by far the most common expression and the one used by manufacturers of integral blinds as well as the trade.

Integrated Blinds

Similar to the Integral Blinds, Integrated blinds is referred to by some providers of blinds between the glass.

Interstitial Blinds.

Interstitial is a less commonly used expression when describing blinds for bifolding doors or windows. Interstitially comes from the description of small spaces called ‘interstices’.

Between Glass Blinds.

Between Glass Blinds is a more pure expression to denote that the blinds are simply between the glass.

Sealed Unit Blinds.

Sealed units is the favourite expression for the two panes of glass or ‘double glazing’. Sealed unit blinds, therefore, are another description when referring to blinds between the glass or integral blinds.

There is no one correct name for an integral blind although this expression is the most widely used.  You will find these and maybe other terms in your research for integral blinds but the product itself will remain a blind housed between two pieces of glass.

With integral blinds, quality is everything and we recommend you are not swayed by the cheapest price. Components, how integral blinds are made and the companies behind these sophisticated products will all play a part in the price you pay.


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