Information about magnet controlled integral blinds.

When it comes to integral blinds for bifolding doors, the magnet operated blind is one of the most popular choices.

Integral blinds controlled by magnets are ideal for bifolding doors, hinged and sliding doors as well as large glazed windows and conservatory glass.

The magnet controlled integral blind is a choice to cord-controlled or wand controlled blind.

Magnet Controlled Integral Blinds.

The world leaders in integral blinds are Pellini and the Uni-Blinds® are manufactured by Morley Glass in the UK.

These blinds have several technical features that not only provide a high specification integral blind but one that will not compromise the insulation, hermetic seal and performance of the double glazed unit itself. So how is it made? Apart from the premium quality glass on the inside and outside, integral blinds will consist of other key components.

The blind slats and perimeter frame.

The core components of an integral blind are the slats themselves. Manufactured by Pellini in Italy, they are of optimum quality made from powder coated aluminium.

The other quality components that enable an integral blind to raise, lower and tilt and designed for optimum service life, protected against degradation and built to last.

Warm Edge Spacer Bar.

All blinds fit within a double glazed unit featuring a warm edge spacer bar. The warm edge spacer bar is the component that keeps the two panes of glass apart. These spacer bars are made of insulating plastic and superior to the older and original spacer bars made of non-insulated aluminium that allowed heat and cold to pass through.

In modern double glazed units, warm edge spacer bars work to insulate the side of the unit itself as well as separating the glass panes. They are available in a range of sizes to suit the thickness of the sealed unit required.

The warm edge spacer bar found in integral blinds maximise the thermal insulation of the glass fitted with integral blinds. They are available in either black or light grey.

The external magnet.

morley glass magnet controlled blinds.
Magnet controlled blinds operate from one simple magnet that tilts, lowers and raises.

The external magnet fixes to the internal pane of glass with a double sided performance adhesive. Not only does this ensure a superior fixing but also one that aligns exactly with the magnet on the inside. These two powerful yet discreet magnets are what lifts, lowers and tilts the slats on the integral blind.

The magnetic slider is positioned on a guide at the edges of the unit, making it simple to operate and consistent in use. The slider can be placed on either the left or right-hand side of the glass. It moves in unison with the blinds themselves.

The external magnet has an antibacterial finish designed to keep the most used part of the blind hygienic and protected.

Integral blinds can be manufactured to suit any door or window.

Integral blinds are very attractive with a bifolding door, but they work in other doors, fixed windows, partitions and many other glazed products.

As doors and windows vary so much in size, integral blinds can be made to small and large sizes.  Integral blind sizes are also subject to other factors such as the relationship to width and height as well as overall area.

The maximum size of a Uni-Blind sealed unit as one example is 2.5m wide and 2.5m high.

  • Maximum height of integral blinds:
  • Maximum height up to 1400mm = minimum width of from 300 to 350 mm.
  • Maximum height of 1800mm = minimum width from 351 to 550mm
  • Maximum height of 2000mm = width from 551 to 1500mm.
  • with W from 551 to 1500 mm H max = 2000 mm
  • Generally, integral blinds can be made in widths from 300 to 1500mm and heights from 600mm up to 2000mm. They may also be made based upon a m2 basis. Typically this is 2 m2 when glazed into a 4mm double glazed unit or 1.5m2 with 6mm units.

For small windows the minimum height available is 600mm.

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