Opening Options on Integral Blinds

Quality and reliability are key factors in any integral blind system.  The number one system in the world is called ScreenLine®, and in the UK these are manufactured by Morley Glass, who are the UK’s biggest manufacturer of integral glass blinds and blinds in glass.

What is Screenline?

it is not just large glass panes that can be improved. integral blinds also enhance windows.
It is not just large glass panes that can be improved. Integral blinds also enhance windows.

Screenline is manufactured by Pellini Industries who specialise in shading systems. The Pellini system is the largest and best known type of integral blind product.  These are manufactured by specialist glass manufacturers such as Morley Glass. There are various types of Screenline blinds available each having different features to open, close and control the blinds which we explain below.  Regardless of the method of opening the blinds themselves, all glass units feature a warm edge spacer bar and the best quality glass.

The C System with Magnetic Manual Control.

Magnets are becoming a very popular method of operating integral blinds. The Patented system used on the C System Integral blind offers manual operation of the blinds with both a raising, lowering and tilting action.

The Venetian blinds are housed within an insulating glass unit that is available a choice of thicknesses.

The specially made magnets house a robust cord which is tension set to keep it rigid and in place. The cord is used to control the operation of the blinds.

SV Systems Cordless Slider.

Also referred to as the ScreenLine® SL20SV, this is a manually operated integral blind system using a slider magnet to control the opening and closing of the blinds.

On the inside of the door or window is a slide guide. This is the mechanism that via a cordless magnetic slider enables integral blinds to be raised, lowered or slanted as required.

S System Slider.

with customers moving away from traditional conservatories, does this long standing product have a future?
Modern glazed extensions can benefit from integral blinds in the roof glass for added comfort.

Where blinds are required in rooflights, conservatory roofs, dormers or skylights, a solution is offered with the ScreenLine® SL20–22S integral blind.

This is manufactured slightly differently to conventional door or window blinds. A 14mm pleated blind is housed within the double glazed unit. In addition a further internal magnet is located in the head section of the glass and blind. This is intended to absorb possible glass deflections in a horizontally positioned glass unit.

In the same way as the vertical integral blinds it can be raised, lowered or tilted as required.

MB System Motorised Integral blinds.

Where automated operation of integral blinds is required, Morely Glass offer their Motorised Brushless System.

The motorised blinds enable either individual or groups of blinds to be operated simultaneously or in synchronisation. A separate control unit is provided meaning there are no face applied controls on the blind itself. A wall unit or remote control is available. For large banks of screens or folding doors an automated system offers a real solution to operating several blinds all at the same time.

A further option is available whereby blinds can be operated with a solar control panel. Here a small solar panel is applied to the outside of the blinds that can be fully programmed to operate the integral blinds. No wires or electrical contacts are required.

Integral blinds are suitable for any residential or commercial application and can provide effective shading and privacy solutions for any large glazed window or door.  If you would like further information about integral blinds, prices and suppliers please contact us.

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