Energy efficiency of bifolding doors with integral blinds

If you are in the market for new windows and doors then at some point you will have encountered comments about “Energy Ratings”.  Naturally, every double glazing firm will extol the virtues of their own particular brands of energy-efficient windows and doors.

Common statements you will hear will be about how you will “save money on your heating bills” or “make your home more comfortable” along with other benefits from the latest energy-efficient windows and glass.

energy ratings are classified from a to g, with a rated being the best performing.
Energy ratings are classified from A to G, with A Rated being the best performing.

How are integral glass blinds affected by window energy ratings?

Integral glass blinds are now very popular with bifolding doors, screens and windows. Specialist manufacturers such as Morley Glass based in Leeds have a range of integral glass blinds available with manual or automatic operation designed for modern door and window products. Morley supply a large part of the home improvement sector with bespoke integrated blinds that are fitted between the double glazed units removing the need for external roller blinds or fabric blinds.

Therefore if you are interested in window and door energy ratings what should you know about bifolidng doors and windows fitted with integral blinds?

How are window energy ratings calculated?

It may help to give a brief explanation about window energy ratings generally.

Energy efficiency is to be found in homes by way of EPC certificates, home appliances with energy rating labels and for windows and doors, the same applies.

Energy rating labels are easier to understand than other forms of measuring the energy efficiency of windows, such as U Values. This is because U values are calculated for heat loss through a window only not other factors such as solar gain as one example.

One of the simplest methods is the alphabetical scale. A being the best. There are also now windows that have been tested to A+ and A++ standards although in our view this does nothing more than confuse.

If an A rated window is at the top of the scale, why should there be a need for A+ windows?

What does the Energy Rating test involve?

Many people actually think that physical windows are tested but this is actually not true.

Computer programmes are used to determine the overall Window Energy Rating. However what this test won’t assess is windows that require extras by nature of the property they are being fitted to.

Examples of this include windows with bay poles, windows with trickle vents or windows with frame extensions.

Integral Blinds & how they affect your doors and windows.

bifolding doors such as these premium schuco aluminium bifolds fitted with morley glass integral blinds presently do not fall under the window energy rating requirements.
Bifolding doors such as these premium Schuco Aluminium bifolds fitted with hgh quality integral blinds made by Morley Glass, presently do not fall under the Window Energy Rating requirements under current Building Regulations.

What may surprise you, is that double glazed units having integral blinds do not presently fall under the scope of window or door energy ratings.

These are presently regarded as a “decorative item” in the same way leaded glass, coloured glass, astragal and Georgian bars are in windows and doors.

So despite your reputable and professional window company selling high quality products with excellent Energy Ratings, if you specify your new windows and doors with integral blinds you have nothing to worry about as these products have not been tested/simulated.

Indeed, with companies such as Morley Glass being the leading name in Pellini Blinds and integral glass blinds generally and given the sheer popularity of bifolding doors sold with blinds between the glass, you may be surprised to read that these products do not fall under current Building Regulations.

However many professional manufacturers and installers of these sophisticated and top quality glass products believe that integral blinds can actually play a positive role in helping your double glazed units in bifolding doors and windows perform even better. Therefore you can continue to choose any kind of bifolding door with a quality integral blind with confidence.

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