Powder Coated Aluminium Windows

This wood effect aluminium entrance door demonstrates the range of colours and textures available today and how advanced powder coated windows and doors are today.

Aluminium windows today are available in a wide choice of powder coated colours

Aluminium window profiles will normally all be polyester powder coated which is the industry accepted standard for painted aluminium finishes.

If you are considering buying powder coated aluminium windows or doors it is important to choose a product which will have been polyester powder coated by an approved “applicator”.

Such an applicator will have the necessary product guarantees and in most cases will be either an approved Interpon or Syntha Pulvin Applicator.  Some window companies will use jobbing painters who claim to powder coat, however they won’t have the necessary cleaning and pre-treatment required to carry out the proper process.  This will affect colour matching on ancillary items such as louvres, panels and trims which may be powder coated elsewhere.

It is common in aluminium windows and doors for products to be painted at different powder coaters.  As long as the same powder is used, either Interpon or Syntha Pulvin Powder and the same RAL, BS or Syntha Pulvin reference, there should be no issue with colour matching

Both the Interpon D and Syntha PulvinRange is a complete collection of premium grade architectural powder coatings.  Additionally there are over 200 standard colours available in satin, matt or gloss as well as metallic and textured finishes.

Only approved powder coaters will offer you the best service, guarantees and polyester powder coating to meet the requirements of  major architectural specifications including Qualicoat, GSB, American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Australian Standard, British Standard, South African National Standards and Chinese GB specifications the architect has complete design flexibility.

Ensure you always use aluminium profiles painted by approved applicators when buying Powder Coated Aluminium Windows.


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