Sunparadise Sliding Doors

Four products in the Sunparadise Sliding Doors range provide solutions for new extensions or the replacement of old patio doors.

sunparadise sliding doors

The Sunparadise Sliding Doors range

Available as two, three, four or six panel doors with options for fixed, all-glass or open corners. Sunparadise sliding doors come with insulated aluminium profiles and durable powder-coated finishes.

For new extensions and building projects, these sliding doors come with a range of models. For instance, there’s a European inspired slide, turn and stacking systems. The slide and turn arrangement creates a larger clear opening compared with conventional inline sliding doors.

There is also a solution for those wanting a flush threshold with a seamless transition to the outside. At the same time, homeowners benefit from level interior floors with exterior decking or slabs.

The models in the Sunparadise sliding doors collection provide products for exterior grade insulated patio doors. You can also design the product withing glass canopies, sun-rooms, pool and balcony enclosures. They also work perfectly as interior partitions.

Monoslide 80 corner turning door

The Monoslide 80 sliding door by Sunparadise offers an altogether different form of opening and movement. It comes with a better operation than conventional inline or even lift and slide doors.

This is a unique and unrivalled slide and stack system that allows the doors to stack parallel. This door is one of the best solutions for corners and facets. Moreover, Monoslide 80 tucks away into a cupboard or pocket. As a standard design, it’s ideal for sliding doors moving in a straight direction too.

Foam-filled insulated aluminium provides provide a product with excellent energy efficiency and thermal performance. Each panel has its own extendable gasket, giving the highest air permeability class available.

Monosliode has the facility to work within any type of opening and even open around corners, curves or angles. The design of Monoslide 80 also provides a near limitless system length. This clever design also comes with reduced aluminium profiles with just one track. The result is a system that’s unique, secure and weather rated and creates genuine moveable glass walls.

A bigger clear opening with Sunparadise Sliding doors

The ingenious action of the door panels enables them to move and store out of the way. The result is a fully open aperture without fixed panels taking up half or two-thirds of the available space like other doors.

The door panels move behind a fixed pane and even a wall. The design allows either all panels to move together. Alternatively, half the panels on the one side and the remaining panels on the other.

The functionality of the Monoslide 80 patio door by Sunparadise also offers traffic doors like a bifold. This added feature provides easy access to the outside area just like a standard hinged door. The track is robust and long-lasting and also has the facility to be replaced with the doors in-situ.

For homeowners considering an open corner bifolding door solution, Sunparadise Monoslide 80 provides a neater solution. This is especially the case where you want your doors sliding behind a wall, out of sight.

Key Features

  • Sightlines of 120mm at the door mullions
  • Inward or outward opening doors
  • Variable angle sliding doors from 90° to 270°.
  • Door panels up to 1500mm wide and 2800mm high
  • Secure glazing throughout
sunparadise sliding door

Thermoslide 80 highly insulated sliding door.

The high-end Thermoslide 80 provides cutting edge design with enhanced thermal insulation. The product comes with excellent low U-Values.

Some notable features around this door include a full glass corner design, locking points across the track and the option to secure the glass from the outside.

Therefore, Thermoslide 80 works well within commercial and public buildings. There’s also the ability to create 6.7m long sliding door openings. This extended sizes comes without the frame or track joints found on other sliding door systems.

Contemporary square sightlines, Swiss engineering and high-quality manufacturing. Every door comes with a light, silent and smooth slide action. The door also offers the facility to create a flush floor level.

Key Features

  • Single or double tracks letting two panel doors open independently or with a fixed panel
  • Maximum sliding panel sizes of 2.8m wide and 2.8m high
  • Highly engineered seals for maximum compression, security and weather resistance when the doors are closed
  • Available in 27 standard colors including anodised finishes at no additional charge.
  • Transom and midrail option suitable for porch sliding doors

Also available is the Monoslide 60 sliding door. This is another thermally broken system with slightly narrower frame depths. It’s widely used where the enhanced insulation isn’t required but with the same features and functionality.

sunparadise lift and sliding doors

Bali 60 Lift and Slide Doors

The contemporary lift and slide Sunparadise sliding door cones with single, double or triple tracks. Doors come in two, three or four panel designs. Bali 60 Lift and Slide doors work via a multi-functional level handle raising the door panel. The slide action is light even with the larges and heaviest door panels.

Thermally insulated frames, durable powder coated or modern metallic colours are available. There’s also the option of flexible glazing thicknesses including triple glazing.

Sliding doors provide the biggest glass panels for maximum light transmission into the home. At the same time, you get reduced aluminium profiles and improved views.

You can also choose sliding doors with a low threshold. This arrangement provides a seamless link to the outside with a minimal step. The low threshold arrangement provides full-weathering and sealing.

sunparadise sliding doors

ISO 41 level sliding door system

Sunparadise ISO 41 is a thermally insulated sliding door system, designed for glazed extensions, patio areas, conservatories and interior sliding doors using a slimline system.

Available with 1-4 tracks and multiple sliding panel configurations up to eight sliding sashes, sliding to the left or the right independently. The frame profiles come with narrow proportions with sightlines of 110mm at the head and cill

Key Features

  • Narrow sliding door sightlines
  • Slim 50mm door mullion for maximum light and reduced aluminium sightlines
  • Single glazed for interior or double glazed for exterior applications
  • Panels size up to 2000mm wide and 2600mm high
  • Flush sliding door threshold option
  • U-Values as low as 1.8Wm2K

More information about Sunparadise Sliding Doors

The Sunparadise systems and sliding doors range comes via a quality dealer network in the UK. For more information on these highly engineered patio doors, use our contact form to get in touch.

There are also trade opportunities for interested Home Improvement businesses looking to add a renowned. Swiss-engineered premium bifolding door brand to their product range and becoming a Sunparadise partner.

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