uPVC patio doors

uPVC patio doors offer good solutions for new garden access doors in the home.  There is a massive choice in upvc patio doors from many different systems and brands.  Furthermore, DIY stores, as well as builders merchants, also sell uPVC doors and windows. We explain some of the best uPVC doors available and what to consider for the home.

Choosing uPVC patio doors for the home.

Also referred to as PVCu, there are several well-known systems.  For example, Anglian and Everest as well as Safestyle are the big players.  Better quality brands include Liniar, Rehau, Kommerling, Deceuninck and Residence9 we think probably make the best plastic windows.  As a result of so much choice is lots of price variation and quality.

First of all, there is no bad or substandard upvc patio door.  All the brands and products available in the UK meet current industry standards.  These include:

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  • Specific standards for the quality of PVCu profiles.
  • Standards for any foils used for colour or texture.
  • The overall quality of handles and locking systems with associated security certification.
  • Kitemarks, British and European standards for manufacturing.
  • Certified security and weather performance.

Therefore most current PVCu products meet similar material specifications.  Expected standard specifications include safety glass in doors, a secure locking system and energy efficient doors.  Of course, PVCu is well-known for being virtually maintenance free too. You can also use PVCu doors to replace old doors or for new extensions and houses.

Consequently, choosing the right uPVC patio doors means looking at the different types and brands. Then there are specifications, features, aesthetics and design.  This is where quality differs.  Just like any other product, upvc patio doors come as mid-range or premium products.  The traditional buy-one-get-one-free offers usually indicate a lower cost and quality as a result. Do your research and ask questions.

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Benefits of upvc doors for patio areas.

Lower cost is the one big benefit in choosing PVCu for patio doors.  The other benefit is better thermal efficiency. While aluminium and other materials come with good energy ratings, uPVC doors as standard are better and using less costly glass units.

PVCu is also good for landlords renovating a rental property.  In addition to a big range of products on the market, comes low cost.  Builders merchants and trade counters offer doors at very good prices too.

Finally, traditional aesthetics is another good feature of PVCu doors.  In particular are some of the latest doors from Liniar and Residence 9. Their doors come in a beautiful timber look and flush casement design.  Therefore PVCu doors are hard to beat for a more traditional or timber-like appearance.

Types of uPVC patio doors.

Six different types of patio doors in upvc all provide solutions for external door sets leading out to the garden, patio area or terrace.  These include:

Composite Doors

upvc patio doors in a white colour fitted to a new extension

Composite doors are better known for front doors or side doors.  Solidor is one company offering fully glazed composite doors, ideal as patio door products. You get all the benefits of a quality PVCu white or coloured frame with a single or double door set in a combination of glass and timber core construction.

Composite French doors might provide an altogether different type of upvc patio door with a very distinctive look too.  (image courtesy of www.solidor.co.uk)

Timber look doors

upvc patio door in the style of real wood doors

The latest generation of timber look doors offers authentic looking PVCu with all the aesthetics of traditional wood windows.

On offer are mechanical joints, period hardware, flush sashes and a choice of wood effect finishes.  Some of the timber look doors such as Residence 9 are luxury products at a higher price.

However, you are rewarded with a fine door that looks exceptional and distinctive.

Flush casement doors

flush casement doors e1543143442429

Similar to timber look doors, flush casement doors offer similar aesthetics at a cheaper price.  Products from Rehau, Liniar, Eurocell are some examples of flush casement doors.

The benefit of this door style is matching PVCu timber look/ and flush casement windows. You also get a great choice of coloured or woodgrain foils to match. A great product for a traditional house such as a cottage.

PVCu bifolding doors.

alumina bifolding door

The PVCu bifolding door is substantially better than early generation bifolds.  Historically, PVCu bifolidng doors came with expansion and performance issues.

Although the design has ironed out any problems, PVCu bifold doors remain thicker than aluminium. Another consideration of PVCu bifolds is smaller door sizes as the material is weaker than aluminium.  However, for a cost-effective bifolding door, PVCu is hard to beat.

Sliding Patio Doors.

pvcu patio sliding doors

Sliding patio doors in PVCu are dependable, secure and robust.  Virtually every brand comes in a sliding door.  Quality products include Patiomaster, Kommerling, Rehau and Liniar.

The downside of PVCu is smaller door sizes and a limited number of tracks. As a result, multiple sliding panels are easier in aluminium.  However, for a two, three or four panel patio door at a good price, PVCu remains an excellent choice.

French Doors.

liniar patio doors

The simplest way to add access, security and style to the outside space.  French doors are flexible, secure and reliable.

Aluminium French doors allow bigger sizes where many PVCu French doors rely on sidelights and top panels.

However, for most standard openings they are ideal  French doors also integrate well with windows to create combination screens.