Steel Patio Doors

When it comes to choosing the best patio doors for the home, nothing is as good as steel patio doors. Since the 1930’s steel patio doors are prominent in English houses. Architects, discerning homeowners and local authorities have a high regard for steel patio doors and windows.  The reason is the contribution made to the look, character and period appearance.

Steel patio doors work perfectly in any traditional and modern home.  For modern home extensions especially, steel and steel-look aluminium patio doors continue to enjoy a significant resurgence.  You can also find out more about the aluminium version in the steel-look.

Steel Patio Doors for fine doors in a home.

With the onset of PVCu and aluminium windows over forty years ago, steel windows arguably fell out of favour.  In fact, the popularity of steel has not diminished.  Granted there are cheaper replacement patio doors and windows. There are also the latest steel look aluminium doors. As good as these are they are not the authentic steel window, however, they replicate some (not all) of the features.

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There are many reasons to consider steel patio doors alongside steel windows in a home.  First of all, for the best homes and buildings, steel remains the number one choice.  Steel patio doors work in any kind of home both inside and outside.  From traditional to the ultra-modern.  There are few materials as versatile as steel.

Steel products are more expensive than all the other patio door materials. However, when you look at the top five reasons for having steel windows, the investment is well worth it.

Steel patio doors are the thinnest.

By far the first and most important benefit to a steel patio door is the thin sight lines. In fact, people choosing steel windows desire a slim window first and foremost. Therefore when people choose steel patio doors, it is because of the sightline. And for many homeowners sightlines remain important in their buying decision.

Therefore, choose a steel patio door when you want the thinnest door possible.

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Windows and steel patio doors last for generations.

Talk to any steel window renovation specialist and they come up with a surprising fact about steel doors and windows.

When steel patio doors come to the end of their life, it is not because of the general failure of the overall product. Often it is because old steel patio doors do not offer the thermal efficiency, double glazing and security of modern windows.

Glass issues, out of date locks and handles are other reasons for replacement.  The general door frames remain intact and functional.

Steel doors are the most durable of any material.

With the minimalism of steel profiles comes exceptional strength. Aluminium, uPVC, wood or hybrid patio doors cannot go near the strength of steel.  Not only is steel strong, but it is also up to three times stronger than aluminium.

The benefit of strength with slim sight lines is better, bigger and more robust patio doors. French Doors at over 3 metres high are easy to create. Unlike large PVCu or aluminium windows, there is little risk of distortion.  The strength and large size capability of steel mean more design freedom too.

It is not unusual to have designs altered because sizes fall outside the capability of aluminium, PVCu and timber doors.  Aluminium patio doors are good, but rarely have the strength and durability in the same way as steel. Consequently, steel patio doors, as well as screens at incredible sizes, are possible as a result of its strength.

For security, steel remains stronger than aluminium and substantially more than PVCu.

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Steel patio doors and screens work inside the home too.

The versatility of steel also makes it suitable inside the home.  Internal glass partitions. Room dividers. Bespoke screens.  Even shower screens. All these desirable interior features are possible with a steel door and/or screen.

Best of all, steel creates complicated designs. For instance, tight radius curved heads, doors and glass curved on plan, and one-off designs.  All of these designs are easy to do with steel, compared with aluminium.

Steel doors offer 30 minutes fire protection.

While fire rated products are for specialist installers only, steel doors with the right glass and installation offer about 30 minutes fire protection (Source: Steel Windows Association).

Talk to your architect and find out if steel patio doors and screens offer an alternative to fire-proof timber doors in partition walls, galleries or light wells.

Other facts about steel French patio doors.

Choose a modern patio door and benefit from all the advantages of modern double glazing.  Steel products offer insulation, double glazing, meet current Window Energy Ratings as well as certified security. Furthermore, they are weather resistant and highly reliable. Modern steel patio doors have few disadvantages compared to other materials. But they do cost more.

There are also other features of steel doors and complimentary windows too.

  • Modern steel profiles to look like traditional W20 and other series remain available.
  • The latest steel patio doors do not rust as a result of hot dip galvanising.
  • The colour process with patio doors or windows is as durable as aluminium.
  • Specialist steel contractors even replicate existing doors to satisfy Planners/Conservation Officers.

At the present time, steel French patio doors are available as well as single doors with or without fixed glazed screens.  Our research indicates some availability of bifolding doors in international markets.  We know of know steel patio doors for residential property, although commercial systems exist.  Even Crittall® only shows hinged patio doors in their range of homeowner products.

Glass options with steel patio doors include the latest safety glass with Argon or Krypton Gas and warm-edge spacer bars.  The result is energy efficient glass in the new steel frames.

As well as traditional hardware, steel French patio doors come with architectural hardware.  Locking options for doors include multi-point or more traditional mortice locks, with a key operation or lever handles.  You can also customise the doors with glazing bars as well as deep bottom rails or kick plates.

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