Comar 5P.i & 7P.i ECO LT

Comar 5P.i & 7P.i ECO LT is a new door and window suite designed for residential window and door projects in aluminium.  Windows come in the Comar 5P.i range, doors as the 7P.i.  The Comar ECO LT products come from Comar Architectural Aluminium, the largest UK independent systems company, trading in the UK for over fifty years.

comar eco lt windows

Residential Comar 5P.i & 7P.i ECO LT Windows and Doors.

The suite of Comar 5P.i & 7P.i ECO LT Windows and doors are the slimmer and lighter version of the range but retains all the strength, integrity and capability of larger profile systems. Comar windows suit residential property requirements, offering a British made and designed brand.

Created specifically for the UK market, this suite of casement windows and hinged residential doors comes in thermally insulated powder coated aluminium.  The system is lighter than the existing Comar 5P.i system, widely used in commercial developments of flats and houses.  At the same time, there is no compromise on performance or specifications.

First of all, the wall thickness of all the door and window extrusions is thicker, stronger and longer-lasting. Moreover, the greater wall thickness allows for larger windows and doors, in line with the large glazing often designed into new extensions.  The 5P.i & 7P.i ECO LT profiles integrate for a consistent appearance throughout the home.

Comar ECO LT comes explicitly designed for aluminium window and door manufacturers to offer competitive, high quality and well-engineered residential door and window system.  Installers buying in fabricated windows and doors also benefit from a contemporary aluminium door and window suite with excellent security, thermal performance and energy efficiency.  The entire suite comes designed with slim sightlines, extensive colour and glazing options and easy installation.

As with all Comar windows and doors, the system offers low U-values, energy ratings of A++ and Document Q compliance. Additionally, there is Secured by Design certification.

Comar ECO LT key features

5P.i ECO LT Windows7P.i ECO LT Doors
Slim system with thick wallsSlim residential door system
Sightline from 47mmStandard and DDA thresholds
55mm and 75mm frame depth75mm frame depth
28mm to 32mm units24mm to 33mm units
Internal or external glazing beadInternally beaded
Highly insulated profilesHighly insulated profiles
Opening vents up to 1500mmLarge door sizes
PAS 24:2016 BS 6375 Parts 1,2 & 3Security and weather tested
Square chamfered profilesSquare and sloping beads
Excellent weather performance Rebated, weather resistant door

The Comar 5P.1 aluminium windows system.

comar eco lt window

The 5P.1 windows suite provides side and top hung opening casements as well as fixed or bottom hung windows.  Each of the products comes designed for simple fabrication and easy fitting on site.  Installers benefit from features such as no cover-plates or fixings where the window locking system fits.  As well as this, a reduced range of profiles makes specifying the windows easy.  The frame and sash sections all offer sizes and weight limitations, providing bigger opening lights and fixed panels, compared to other window systems on the market.

Comar offers the Comar ECO LT suite of windows on fast lead times on both standard and special colours.

Additionally, the system provides options for sloped beads, optional ovolo window profiles and a range of mullion and transom options.

The entire design of Comar aluminium windows provides classic aluminium windows as well a square line modern windows meeting the requirements of houses old and new.  All the windows suit the replacement of old PVCu, timber or old metal windows thanks to a 75mm standard frame depth as well as a slimline frame option.

The new Comar ECO LT window system provides desirable slimline aluminium windows for the residential market and the trade reliable systems company service through the quality Comar dealer network.

comar eco lt single door

Comar 7P.1 ECO LT residential doors.

For the residential front, side or rear doors, Comar 7P.i ECO LT doors come as single or double doors, open in or open out with a choice of standard or low threshold options.

Ground floor and doors to houses benefit from a fully weathered rebated threshold.  Alternatively, a low threshold option provides improved accessibility. The low threshold also meets the requirements of balcony doors, terrace doors and front porches.

Slimline door profiles integrate with the window system with 55mm dimensions providing window and door combinations with a modern aesthetic.

  • Hinged open in or open out residential doors.
  • Certified door system with Kitemark and Secured By Design.
  • Weather and Security tested to PAS 24:2016 & BS 6375
  • High security locking system with anti-snap and anti-bump door cylinders.
  • Midrail, mullion and transom options.
  • High Performance Weathered  Threshold
  • Double or Triple Glazing

Advanced fixing options for easy site installation.

For installers, this new suite of windows and doors comes with a selection of installation options.  Depending on the site condition, the Comar Quick Fix options help ensure a better installation.

1. Direct Fix using the traditional fixings through the frame method.
2. Lug-fixing using Comar Lug Fixing Straps with a clip ‘n’ twist design.
3. Click Fit EPDM Cavity Closers, available on a factory fit basis or delivered to the installer.
4. Comar Adjustable Packer and Screw is a new method of fixing.  First of all, is an adjustment with the window in the structural opening. No packers are needed as a result.  Furthermore, the fixing screws tighten with an Allen Key through the frame.

More information about making or selling Comar ECO LT Windows and Doors.

Finally, Comar provides fabricators with an in-stock philosophy.  Therefore all aluminium profiles and accessories benefit from frequent nationwide delivery.  Furthermore, window and door manufacturers benefit from dedicated estimating and production software, tooling, training and extensive systems company support. Every one of the ECO LT windows and doors range saves fabrication time compared to CNC machinery thanks to the latest aluminium punch tooling.

The Comar solid reputation for design, technology and high-performance windows is relied upon by specifiers and commercial installers. Homeowners previously got Comar products in new homes. Now, they’re available for the wider domestic market.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems are looking for fabricators and installers of their entire suite of new residential aluminium systems, windows and doors. Use our contact form to get in touch and find out more about incentives available for fabricators or installers of aluminium residential or commercial systems.

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