How aïr bifolding and lift & slide doors are made

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At the heart of aïr bifolding and lift & slide doors is more than 35 years experience, aluminium know-how and manufacturing excellence. What goes into creating aïr aluminium doors and how do they differ from other bifolding doors on the market?

aïr bifolding and lift and slide doors

Aïr. More than quality aluminium doors and a strong brand.

The supplying of some of the best bifolding doors, and brand to quality door installers selling to consumers wanting the best door they can find is complicated.

Selling premium aluminium doors is far more involved than simply working with an existing aluminium system that has a ‘high-end’ perception in the trade. This is what many aluminium manufacturers have done in simply adopting a high specification aluminium system and launching a new ‘luxury’ brand.

Aïr bifolding and sliding doors have been designed from the outset to offer a unique selling proposition to the trade. Aïr doors are unlike others on the market. They are unique and made differently to other high-end aluminium systems. The company behind them is also substantially different.

The businesses supplying air products are also some of the most established in the UK.

How are aïr doors made?

everglade windows are a multi-award winning manufacturer and exclusively provide air doors.
Everglade Windows are a multi-award winning manufacturer and exclusively provide air doors.

Behind aïr doors are multi-award winning Everglade Windows. Fabricating aluminium since 1981, Everglade Windows are at the cutting edge of aluminium fabrication in the UK. Other reputable trade manufacturers have just ‘added’ aluminium into their product ranges, capitalising on the growth in aluminium. Everglade, have massively invested in aluminium.

In designing and bringing aïr doors to market, Everglade Windows used their vast experience in aluminium to create a suite of doors that were to be different from others on the market. This experience came about as a result of many years manufacturing aluminium and understanding the features a door needed to be better than the mainstream and a real luxury door.

Also important was the vast experience Everglade Windows possess in the complex commercial sector as well. The commercial sector typically moves far away from a ‘standard’ window or a door found in a dwelling. Commercial glazing is required to be better performing, more resilient, is more technically challenging. It is also harder to make and harder to fit.

All this experience and know-how enables Everglade Windows to create Aïr doors that differ in their design, engineering, quality, specifications and in how they are made.

The aluminium extrusions in aïr doors

All modern door systems today feature a thermal break. The thermal break in an aluminium profile is not only necessary for profile insulation, but it also provides structural integrity and enables doors to have a different colour inside and out.

Aïr doors take the thermal break concept a little further. It offers better insulation (U-Values) thanks to its design and as part of the overall product.

The thermal break found in aïr doors is engineered as a D shape. This provides the following advantages over a simpler straight thermal break arrangement found in many other doors.

  • It is stronger, reducing movement within the aluminium section.
  • Its design enables larger than average doors to be manufactured.
  • It contributes to the class leading thermal performance of aïr doors.

Sophisticated powder coating of the finest quality.

Aïr doors feature as standard sophisticated powder coating exceeding what other door systems provide as standard.

Aïr doors are powder coated with a marine grade 60-micron thickness as well as being available in a textured powder coated finish that is dirt and scratch resistant.

The sophisticated powder coating process found in aïr doors is just one of many features that enable these advanced sliding doors to have an industry leading 25-year guarantee.

The Emmegi Quadra Cutting and Machining Centre.

emmett cutting and machining centre.
Everglade have invested in the state-of-the-art cutting and machining centre – one of only three in the UK.

A recent £1m investment in aluminium fabrication and service includes a new Emmegi Quadra cutting and machining centre. Machining centres today not only represent the most cutting edge way make aïr doors in the most technically advanced way, but they are also substantial investments.

The Emmegi Quadra used by Everglade Windows is one of only three in the UK. It is the top of the range and most advanced machine of its kind, enabling hugely complex cutting and machining processes. The cutting and machining needed to create a highly sophisticated folding or sliding door need the very best machines in the world.

Advanced machinery is more than just about making doors quicker. Quality is improved and is always consistent. Wastage is also substantially reduced as every aluminium bar is optimised in the most efficient way.

making a bifolding door.
Every aïr folding and sliding door is hand assembled and hand finished.

Air doors. Hand assembled and with hand finished.

Aïr doors are precision assembled by hand with stringent checks at every stage of the production process. Part of this process includes all door and frame joints finished with a specialist glue for superior strength at these critical corner joints.

Less elaborate doors may only feature a much simpler joint assembly with only small gap sealant in the corners.

aïr MOD aluminium windows

aïr MOD windows come designed as a new system for homeowners and with several different window types. A fully integrated system comprising:

  • Chamfered and Ovolo windows
  • Contemporary aluminium windows for modern extensions
  • Flush casement windows
  • Tilt and Turn windows for added functionality
  • Steel look available for heritage, art-deco and industrial looking windows
  • Flush sash heritage aluminium windows. 

The one key feature around aïr MOD series aluminium windows is their integration. While available in different types of casement designs and styles, aïr MOD series provides installers the variety of multiple windows but the simplicity of everything within one system. As a result, there is no confusion over using different systems to meet the project requirement. 

For the trade, selling this new suite of windows brings substantial sales, specification and product benefits.

Air doors meet the needs of the ‘customers of the future’.

air folding door showroom in london
Proving aïr doors can meet the needs of companies wanting to sell the finest quality doors to discerning customers.

Premium brands exist in all market sectors. The competitive door market is moving towards the ‘higher value’ door where consumers may not always fully understand what goes into making a quality door. What customers will know, is why they should buy a product if it demonstrates something over and above other folding doors on the market.

There will always be consumers who only want a new door at the lowest possible price. There will also be the customers who carefully study what is behind a new door, its features, specifications and its desirability before they buy.

All modern bifolding doors will meet basic industry standards for quality, performance, security and weathering. Doors such as aïr take these standards and improve on them substantially. Air doors remain unique in having 25 year manufacturers guarantee.

Some of the longest established and biggest home improvement companies in the UK have chosen aïr doors as their premium product. These are enterprises that want to sell the best doors they can to consumers who want the best doors they can find.

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