Origin Entrance doors – What you should know

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To accompany the high-quality Origin bifolding doors, Origin also provides the Twin Flush aluminium windows.  Like the bifolding door, it is available with a 20-year guarantee. Also available are French Doors and single doors.

Origin Hinged French Doors and Entrance Doors.

origin french doors with sidelights.
Origin offers a premium range of French doors, entrance doors and single doors with the same industry-leading benefits as the bifolding doors.

The Origin hinged door is available as a French (double door) or as a single door. With these doors, the same industry-leading features found in the Origin bifolding door are available. These are:

  • The 20-year guarantee
  • The industry leading lead time
  • The finest quality door handles.
  • The 8 point locking system.

Are Origin doors suitable for entrance door applications?

It is wrong to presume that Origin entrance doors are suitable only to complement a bifolding door in the same elevation or as a door to another room. The Origin door is an entirely fit-for-purpose product as a stand-alone door as well.

It has already been successfully used in thousands of residential applications where a reliable, high quality hinged door is required.

While an Origin door may not offer the full set of hardware found in other systems such as AluK, Smarts, SAPA, what it does offer is a quality made door that does away with more complex ordering, having to choose profiles or considering hardware upgrades.

The Origin door comes as standard with a high specification and is an excellent residential door. The recent availability of a midrail section has further broadened the market for the product.

Moreover, the Origin door features the same slim 154mm sight line when the doors are closed making for a slimline door. We prefer the look of the Origin door over an AluK door for example as the ‘picture frame’ detail found in the latter is not to everyone’s liking and adds to the visual bulk of the product.

Origin French Door and Entrance door colour choices.

an origin entrance door in light oak wood effect finish
An Origin Entrance door in light oak wood effect finish

The door suite is already available in a huge choice of polyester powder coated finishes. Standard colours include 7 of the best selling powder coated finishes.

  • White RAL 9910 Gloss
  • Slate Grey RAL 7015 Matt
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Matt
  • Black Grey RAL 7021 Matt
  • Black RAL 9005 Matt
  • Silver Metallic RAL 9006 Matt
  • Dark Silver Metallic RAL 9007 Matt

There is also a choice of four sublimated wood effects. These are Natural Oak, Golden Oak, Mahogany and Walnut.

Features of Origin Entrance Doors.

The Origin door can be made in a variety of sizes. For French doors, the minimum width is 1400mm up to 2400mm. Where sidelights are required, a 3.8-metre overall aperture can be provided with doors and screens. Heights can go up to 2400mm subject to the design and other considerations.

The Origin door hinge allows the doors to open as far back as 180 degrees. This is a convenience, but will be restricted by the door position in relation to the external brickwork or structure.

Doors can open in or out, and a low threshold option is available.

Colour coded gaskets.

Where other types of residential doors use black or white gaskets, Origin entrance doors feature the Q-Lon seals found on their bifolding doors.

These are available in Grey, Black, Light Grey, White, Light Oak, Bronze and Chestnut brown.

Premium Door Handles.

A choice of 6 door handles is available in a selection of solid stainless steel with or without the separate escutcheon. Also, there is a selection of aluminium handles in white, chrome, black and gold finishes.

The Origin door provides solutions for door installers.

There are several advantages to choosing an Origin entrance door in preference to other systems. While other aluminium systems may offer more flexibility with more ‘integrated’ doors; Origin provides several benefits.

The lead time in the choice of standard colours is by far the most convenient. Other trade sources of residential entrance doors cite 4 or six week lead times to deliver the product.

The Your Lead Time Not Ours service from Origin provides installers with a fast turnaround time on a residential door few can match. Even products such as door kits by SAPA are not available this quickly, and they would not be wholly fabricated either.

The provision of four sublimated, wood effect colours is also another advantage. These finishes are available from other systems such as Smarts with their Woodstructure range, but again the lead times are long, and you are reliant upon delivery of profile to the fabricator base.

The other benefit to the Origin door is the consistent quality of the product. As Origin only make their doors, there are no risks of varying quality from different suppliers. One company just provides all the doors fully fabricated and ready to fit.

Origin entrance doors do not have the availability of other sections found in other systems such as choice of door stiles and the coupling parts (visible or hidden) commonly used to connect a door to a window.

If you are looking to join an Origin door to an Origin window either as a full height sidelight or as a flag window, the frames butt up together using the Q-Lon as the seals. Some installers may not like this particular detail. However, it does create a tidy finish albeit a slightly large one.

For the vast majority of applications, however, the Origin entrance doors provide a way to offer customers matching folding, French doors and single doors. The doors use the same outer frame and door leaf profiles as the folding doors as well as the same hardware and locking mechanisms.

Update September 2016.

aluminium front doors.
Take a look at the stunning new range of aluminium front doors from Origin.

Since this article, Origin has also introduced an excellent new range of aluminium front doors and garage doors.  These are modern contemporary front doors for the home, benefitting from many great features.  The new residential door from Origin features both modern and traditional styled entrance doors with a wide choice of hardware, lock, colour and glass options.