Installing aïr bifolding and sliding doors

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As more homeowners improve or develop their properties the situation can arise where a project needs both bifolding and sliding doors. Aïr bifolding and sliding doors are frequently installed in such home renovations.

features of aïr doors and windows
Modern home extensions frequently require both sliding and folding doors.

aïr bifolding and sliding doors.  A coherent suite of premium aluminium doors.

Many installers of bifolding and sliding doors do not use on one system even though all aluminium systems companies provide a portfolio of sliding and bifolding doors. It is common for installers to favour a particular brand of bifolding door and then look to offer an alternative system in sliding doors. Combine this with aluminium windows or a lantern roof and the homeowner can often have several different systems all from different manufacturers in their home.

What are aïr bifolding and sliding doors?

Everglade Windows created, designed and manufacture exclusively, the aïr suite of sliding doors and bifolding doors. Launched in 2013, the aïr suite of doors was one of the first premium door products on the market. Since then several manufacturers have adopted the business model of luxury bifolding and sliding doors with enhanced specifications.

What do homeowners need from a quality aluminium door?

air 800 bifolding door review
The premium air sliding and folding door range comes with the best quality hardware and components.

In designing a new suite of folding and sliding doors for residential installations, Everglade Windows looked at the products available in the market and the key features found in aluminium doors. Customer requirements were also examined and then improved.  These include:

  • Colour availability and quality of the paint finish.
  • Sightlines and overall appearance.
  • The quality of the door components.
  • Weather performance and security.
  • Overall engineering and manufacturing.
  • Product guarantee.
  • Product availability.

In all these vital features of bifolding and sliding doors, the aïr product has been re-engineered and improved over and above the standard specifications of other aluminium doors on the market.

For a door to be genuinely exclusive, it has to come from one manufacturing source. Finally, how the product is available to homeowners has been addressed via a quality dealer network. Many aïr bifolding door retailers are not only long-established and very expert home improvement companies but also premier manufacturers of aluminium windows and some of the most trusted names in commercial installations throughout the UK.

For homeowners looking to add both sliding and bifolding doors in the home, the aïr range of doors offers doors from one manufacturer, consistent specifications and performance as well as the longest product warranty amongst bifolding and sliding doors in the UK.

Contact us if you would like further information on where to buy the aïr range of sliding and folding doors.