Integral blinds help keep homes more comfortable.

There is no doubt that the bifolding door has been excellent for the glass and glazing industry.

In recent years door and window designs have shifted from basic windows and doors to bigger glazed products. These include bigger windows, large span patio doors and of course folding doors.

Modern doors require modern glass.

today's modern home extensions are taking advantage of large glass panels as well as windows and doors.
Today’s modern home extensions are taking advantage of large glass panels as well as windows and doors.

As a result of this, glass specification have become tighter, quality demands are greater and the processes used in glass manufacturing more stringent.

For the homeowner, a quality glass product is important. They have invested many thousands of pounds in their new aluminium doors therefore it stands to reason that a double glazing installer will want to offer the best quality glass they can.

Homeowners are already aware of window energy ratings and pretty much expect an A rated window today.

Building Regulations have changed over recent years and are due to change still further. These will demand even greater efficiency from windows and the glass that us used in them.

For over 10 years the glass and glazing industry has adopted a standard glass unit comprising soft coat low e glass, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.

But as glass units get larger, so specifications have to adapt. The larger the glass panel, the greater the need to control solar gain, heat loss and ensure comfort in the home.

As glass in doors gets larger, so it must be more efficient.

Early conservatories were notorious for being too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer. Glass technology has changed to ensure that our desire for ‘glass rooms’ also results in comfort.

bifolding doors such as these premium schuco aluminium bifolds fitted with morley glass integral blinds presently do not fall under the window energy rating requirements.
Bifolding doors fitted with Morley Glass integral blinds can help reduce U Values and improve interior comfort.

Glass technology such as coatings, gas or krypton filled units, solar control glass etc can only do so much. There still remains a need to provide privacy and shading to large glazed windows and bifolding doors.

This is one reason why integral blinds are so popular. They provide a permanently sealed, cleaner and more visually appealing solution for large glass panels.

Integral blinds can also help make double glazed units more energy efficient as well.

Morley Glass are the UK’s largest manufacturer of integral glass blinds. In their units they use the latest Saint-Gobain Planitherm 4S.

This features a special coating which enables the sealed unit to deliver a dual benefit. As a double glazed unit it can reflect up to 57% of the sun’s heat. It can also achieve a U-value performance of just 1.0 W/m2K.

Homeowners will get the most satisfaction from their bi-fold doors when the configuration properly balances the risk of summertime overheating with effective insulation during the winter.

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