How much do integral blinds cost?

One of the most common questions asked is how much integral blinds cost. There are several ways to get an approximate price for windows, doors or bifolding doors, but when it comes to finding out prices for integral blinds, it is a little more difficult.

We explain how integral blind prices get worked out as well as providing some budget prices on some popular doors suitable for integral blinds.

integral blinds cost
Origin bifolding doors fitted with Pellini Screenline Integral Blinds.

Working out how much integral blinds cost.

Before we give an indication of how much you can expect to pay for integral blinds, there are some essentials around the product, all affecting the price you pay. 

First of all, the size of the blinds affects the price.  Older blinds only came possible for doors with a minimum of 28mm glazing cavity. Now, integral blinds come with thinner slats meaning more types of doors and windows suit them. For instance, Pellini Screenline blinds come with 10mm slats.  As a result, you now get blinds in composite doors or any glazing cavity as narrow as 16mm.

Generally, the maximum size of an integral blind is 2.5m wide and 2.5m high with most systems.  The smallest integral blind size is approximately 450mmx450mm.

The quality of the integral blind affects the cost.

There are a number of integral blind systems with no ‘bad’ product on the market.  However, manufacturing quality and individual features do vary with the different brands.  Above all, quality is everything with integral blinds. Our research indicates the price of integral blinds being consistent from the major manufacturers. However, buying power, profit margins and other commercial factors all affect the final selling price.

As well as this, how the blinds are manufactured, the glass specification, colour and method of operation all affect the price too.  Above all, the general supply route is the major manufacturers of integral blinds, all providing their products direct to home improvement companies. These companies buy the blinds from their chosen supplier, then fitting them to the door or window.

The colour of integral blinds affects the price you pay.

Integral glass blinds come in a choice of colours some of which are stock colours.  Typically, integral blinds come in the following popular colours.

  • White
  • Black
  • Several grey colours such as Anthracite
  • Silver as well as Metallic Silver
  • Green
  • Beige

Other colours are available with special order and an increase in the price over standard stock colours.

How integral blinds open and close affects the price.

Integral blinds are available with several opening, closing and tilting options. There is cord control, magnet controlled, electric opening, remote controlled opening and even solar controlled. All of these different methods of opening will affect the price paid.

The overall home improvement project can influence the price of integral blinds.

We live in a commercial world where good businesses want to secure your order.

It is often the case that the window company will want to keep their prices keen so the price of integral blinds may also be affected by the overall order value. This is usually good news for the homeowner that receives a competitive price with integral blinds included or at a reduced price.

It is also worth bearing in mind that there are door and window businesses large and small. Some enjoy better discounts from integral blind manufacturers than others because they buy more. Again this can affect the price the homeowner will pay.

integral blinds cost
Origin bifolding doors and windows with integral blinds by Open Living of Letchworth.

How much do integral blinds cost?

As a general rule, we will take a typical integral blind with the following specification.

  • Over two square metres in area.
  • Manually operated with a magnet control and optional Solar Controlled
  • Integral blinds in a standard stock colour, for instance, white or grey.
  • Glass specification being a 28mm toughened glass unit with a Low-E coating and warm edge spacer bar.

Importantly, our prices are intended as a general guide only.  The bifolding, sliding and entrance door examples use popular systems such as Origin Bifold and Residential Doors, Schuco or other quality sliding door.

The above guide prices are for standard width doors and at no more than 2100mm high.  Prices include VAT and fitting.

Toughened Glass
Manual Controlled
Integral Blinds
Solar Controlled
Integral Blinds
3-Panel Bifold Door£3600£4600£5800
4-Panel Bifold Door£4700£5800£7000
2-Panel 1.8m wide Sliding Door£3400£4060£4900
3-Panel 2.7m wide Sliding Door£4800£5800£7000
4-Panel 3.6m wide Sliding Door£5100£6400£8100
1 metre wide Single Door£1100£1450£1800
1.8m wide French Doors£2300£2900£3780
integral blinds cost
Black Origin Bifolding and French Doors with white integral blinds.

How can you get a price on integral blinds?

Contact us to get prices on windows with built-in blinds as well as all types of patio doors. You can use the contact form on this page for further information or for us to also put you in touch with a local supplier.  Remember, integral blinds suit any opening inwards or outwards window and doors. As well as this they’re perfect for sliding doors, folding doors, front doors or residential French and single doors. You can also use them in screens, commercial glazing systems. Best of all they work in any frame material.

Our advice is always to visit a good showroom where you can see full-size windows and doors fitted with integral blinds.

Published on February 15, 2017

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