How to specify Comar aluminium windows and doors.

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Nick Dardalis

Comar Aluminium Systems provide a complete aluminium solution for residential and commercial buildings. Their residential range includes windows, entrance doors, sliding and folding doors and glazed screen products for individual designs.

Commercially, Comar provides commercial windows, high-performance commercial swing or automatic doors, curtain walling, shop fronts and many other systems to cater for all client and architect requirements.

Understanding the Comar Product References.

Comar uses a numbering and abbreviation system to identify their many windows and doors. For a homeowner or architect, it is worth considering the product required first, that will then point to the correct system required. We provide some further information on the various products and how they are denoted.

Comar Aluminium Windows.

white aluminium comar window
Comar aluminium windows provide modern or traditional premium quality windows for the home and other buildings.

Comar provides nine different aluminium window systems, catering for residential properties, particular uses and commercial buildings. Windows are part of the Comar 5 range.

  • Residential Casement Windows. Comar 5P.i ECO and 5P.i ECO+
  • Commercial Casement Windows. Comar 5P.i and 5P.i Advanced.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows. Comar 5P.i
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows. Comar 5P.i HSW
  • Vertical Sliding Windows. Comar 5P.i VSW
  • Pivot and Reversible Windows. Comar 5P.i
  • Passivhaus Windows. Comar Window System 10
  • The ECO+ products provide bigger thermal breaks and additional thermal foam to give enhanced insulation for the best U-Values and Window Energy Ratings.

Comar Residential Doors.

comar aluminium entrance doors
The Comar 7 suite provides a complete range of hinged, sliding and folding doors.

The Comar residential door suite is part of the Comar 7 suite catering for all types of entrance, sliding or folding doors.

Comar Commercial Entrance Doors.

Comar provides a comprehensive range of commercial aluminium doors for entrances and public buildings. These are the Comar 7.

Comar Curtain Walling

comar 6eft curtain walling
Comar Curtain walling provides high performance facade glazing for all types of buildings.

The Comar 6 ranges provide curtain walling and facade glazing.

  • Curtain walling in a stick or ladder system with face-applied, visible cappings are covered by Comar 6.
  • Comar 6 EFT covers curtain walling with two or four sided and partially capped systems.

The Comar 9P.i System.

Within the curtain walling range, but also suitable for many other applications is Comar 9P.i. This is a low rise Window Walling product integrating with other casement windows and doors.

The Comar 9 product range is a framing system designed for low-rise applications.  It can be used to create framing modules.  Where windows and doors are required within these modules, high-performance windows and doors are included in this range.  This includes casement windows, tilt and turn windows, opening inwards, parallel opening windows, and single or double entrance doors.

Comar Aluminium Shopfronts and Ground Floor Framing.

comar commercial shop doors.
Comar commercial doors are widely used in some of the best-known retail and commercial buildings in the UK.

Comar provide four different shopfront and ground floor treatment systems. These are specified depending on their intended use, thermal performance and whether external or internal in their location.

Comar 1 can be utilised where a non-thermal single glazed low-level framing is required and is a cost effective simplified framing system Comar 1 accepts 4mm to 13.5mm single glass. For a double glazed version of this scheme, Comar 3 applies.

Comar 4 is the single glazed external shopfront system integrating with doors and windows. The insulated shopfront system is Comar 8 that also works with the Comar 7 suite of commercial doors or Comar 5 suite of windows.

Comar aluminium systems integrate together.

The design of all the above Comar aluminium systems enables them to all integrate and work together to meet particular building requirements. Comar always ensures that their product range provides a connection between window and door systems, facade glazing and screens. This means all design briefs and combination screens, or windows can be fabricated and installed.

If you would like further information on the Comar suite of residential or commercial systems, please contact us.