Frameless Glass Doors for Shops

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Nick Dardalis

For retail premises such as shops on the high street or units in retail parks and shopping centres, there are several choices available in what type of entrance door to provide.

A common choice is the trusted and reliable commercial aluminium entrance door. Commercial doors are widely used for their robustness, dependable hidden closing mechanisms, huge choice of locking systems and handles available. The other popular choice for shops are automatic entrance doors, providing easy access and instant suitability with Approved Document M, BS8300 and Equality Act.

Can you use a frameless glass door in a shop?

frameless doors in a restaurant.
Frameless glass doors provide a clean, clear and modern entrance to a retail unit.

Just like a commercial door, a frameless door is suitable as an entrance door to a shop. Unlike commercial doors, frameless doors are a glass construction using no visible framing, no shopfront profiles, door stiles, rails or midrails.

A frameless glass entrance door is manufactured from single safety glass available in a variety of thicknesses from 8mm up to 11.5mm thick laminated or 10mm thick toughened glass, depending on the size, use and application.

How does a frameless glass door in a shop work?

The construction of a frameless glass door centres around the glass and the ‘patch fittings’. Patch fittings are aluminium or steel components that hold the plate glass elements together as well as providing rigidity, security and strength.

Patch fittings for frameless glass doors are available as either full-width components or individual components located at the corners of the door leaf. Patch fittings are also used to connect any side panels or toplights to the main entrance doors as well.

Locking considerations for frameless glass entrance doors.

Any main entrance door to a retail premises is expected to be secure and frameless glass doors are no exception.

The patch fittings that go into constructing a frameless door are available as locking components housing a variety of lock types and sizes. Depending upon the design of the door, the lock engages into the floor, the ceiling or the wall, providing great security.

Locks can also be specified with electric locking, access control and buzz entry systems.

Handle options for frameless glass doors for shops.

frameless door locks and handles.
On this double door set, locks engage into the floor. Doors are fitted with stainless steel handles both sides.

Just like a commercial door, a large range of architectural handles are available. Glass doors work best with satin or polished stainless steel finishes but can be provided with any type of handle as long as it is provided with the right fixings for glass. Fixings are available for handles on both sides of the door or on then side only if required.

With frameless entrance doors, there is a choice of pull handles, pad handles, full height bar handles, cranked D handles and many other options. All are designed for comfortable use and can be provided an provide a visual contrast as well to help with disability requirements for doors.

Closing and door control options for frameless entrance doors.

A frameless entrance door is available with either a floor closer or its own tension set devices to provide effective door control. There is a choice of self-closing or free swinging devices that work with a frameless glass door.

All door closing devices for frameless entrance doors are available in a variety of sizes and tension strengths to suit the application, the door size and the weight of the glass.

A frameless glass entrance door can provide a barrier-free, contemporary entrance door that opens up retail premises while remaining a reliable door suitable for high traffic. If you would like further information about frameless glass entrance doors for shops and commercial premises, please contact us.

Doors featured in this article are fabricated and installed by Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd of Chatham, a specialist nationwide supplier for frameless bifolding doors and entrance doors.