Where can frameless glass doors be used?

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Frameless bifolding doors are suitable for any residential or commercial application. The frameless bifolding door is one of the most popular types of glass door product, but there are many other uses as well.

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The innovative glass bifolding doors from Frameless Glass Curtains have many unique features compared to standard bifolding doors.

In this article, we look at how frameless glass doors can be made to suit a variety of other applications in the home or a commercial building.

Where can you use frameless glass doors?

The advantage of a frameless glass door is the minimal aluminium appearance, lack of visible mullions and the small amount of space taken up with the doors in the fully open position.

The flexible nature of frameless glass doors provides a suite of entrance doors, sliding doors and folding doors as well as partitions and screens.

Frameless bifolding doors.

For bifolding doors, frameless glass doors provide a virtual glass wall. Frameless glass doors can usually be made bigger in width and height than full aluminium bifolds and a product like Frameless Glass Curtains has half the stacking thickness of a conventional aluminium bifolidng door.

Frameless glass doors for shops.

office glazed partitions

Frameless glass doors can be used in restaurants, cafés and bars. If the premises benefits from outside space, frameless folding doors provide excellent views for customers, an open plan feel when closed as well as flexible opening in the warmer months.

The very low threshold of frameless doors makes access easy for users as well. It is even possible to create a frameless glass door as a main entrance door to a retail premises as well.

Frameless glass doors as room dividers.

bifolding glazed doors as a room divider

Frameless doors are also extensively used in dwellings and commercial buildings as room dividers or partitions. The slimline nature of frameless doors can offer a better visual aesthetic than an aluminium door, fitted on the inside with a low threshold.

Frameless doors are provided with safety glass as standard and can be kept permanently closed to divide a space in the home or to give privacy in the office environment. Hotels can benefit from frameless glass doors creating a private room with the door closed or a larger entertainment room for functions with the doors open.

Frameless glass entrance doors.

picture of traditional entrance porch

It is possible to have a frameless glass door as an internal or external entrance door. A contemporary home can feature feature frameless glass doors to divide a hallway and create a lobby.

A frameless door can be used for a door leading to a modern bathroom or ensuite, fitted with obscure glass for privacy if required. You can even use a frameless glass door to a traditional home with a curved archway above the front door to create a porch.

There are also other uses where frameless glass doors have been used successfully. These are:

  • Frameless balcony enclosures.
  • Portable showrooms and offices with frameless doors.
  • Frameless partition doors for studios, dance rooms and sports halls.
  • Frameless glass swimming pool enclosures.
  • Frameless glass doors for galleried balconies.

If you would like further information about frameless glass doors for residential properties or commercial buildings, please contact us.