Frameless BIfolding doors for new build homes.

When it comes to building new homes, most developers look to save money by fitting quite standard windows and doors.  In general terms PVCu is chosen for it’s low cost to quality ratio and today’s modern PVCu windows are great products with energy efficiency, security and good design.

It is only specific designs, planning requirements or the construction of luxury homes that will give a buyer of a new house aluminium windows.  Finding new homes with aluminium folding doors as well is still quite a challenge.

Frameless Glass Doors for Riverside properties.

frameless doors in new build home.
Frameless bi-folding doors by FGC have enhanced five luxury riverside homes.

One private developer, HC Moss of Cambridge created five contemporary houses on the site of a former pub on the river Cam.  For these houses, their location and their style, frameless glass doors were specified.

The houses are on the market at £1.5m and are built to a very high standard and specification.  This prestigious development of five chalet-style homes took its design from the River Cam, the association Cambridge has with boating and the beautiful surroundings.

Each home has a private morning and very much in touch with the local wildlife and scenery.

Advantages of frameless bifolding doors for new build homes.

Light and space were very much the theme for this exclusive development relying upon the river, countryside and open aspect.

The frameless glass doors were chosen to maximise the outside views and provide a virtually uninterrupted glass wall where it was most important.  The developer considered that only a frameless door could properly connect the inside of the house to the outside.  The frameless doors were matched internally by structural glass and polished stainless steel balustrades to the deck area and open balconies of each home.

Features of frameless glass bifolding doors.

The frameless doors used are the premium bifolding door product manufactured and installed by Chatham-based Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd.  On this particular development, six-panel doors were constructed, polyester powder coated in white RAL 9910 gloss and provided with high specification glazing.

Frameless bifolding doors and the FGC doors especially, provide features not found in aluminium bifolds, in particular a virtual all glass door folding and sliding door.

  • A patented glass spacer bar separating the double glazed units.
  • An entirely frameless appearance where the panels meet with no capping pieces or trims.
  • A longer warranty than other frameless doors.
  • No visible hinges, magnets, guides or rollers.
  • Doors that can be made wider than aluminium folding doors
  • Impressive security, weather performance and low U-Values.

You can read our full review of the FGC frameless glass bifolding door on this website or contact us for further information.





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