An overview of Comar Aluminium Windows for the home

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Comar Aluminium Systems offer a complete range of aluminium windows for residential and commercial properties. The Comar 5 suite offers many different types of aluminium windows of various kinds, opening methods and specifications.

For homeowners considering the advantages of fitting Comar windows in their homes, there is a choice of the Comar 5P.i ECO and 5P.i ECO+

In this article, we explain the various features of the windows and how to choose the most suitable type.

Comparing Comar aluminium windows.

white aluminium comar window
Comar aluminium windows provide modern or traditional premium quality windows for the home.

When replacing existing windows, it is often the case that the outgoing timber or PVCu window is approximately 60-75mm deep. Homeowners will need to consider a replacement window with a proper frame depth so that interior plaster and decoration is not compromised. For these applications the 75mm deep window is ideal.

There are then the new build projects or home extensions where windows are going into a newly prepared opening. For new window openings, the 55mm system is suitable as well as the 75mm system.

Comar aluminium windows are available to suit both types of building conditions.

Whatever Comar aluminium window is selected all offer the homeowner an advanced aluminium window, designed to meet the requirements of the current customer for security, style, comfort, weather performance and longevity. Comar aluminium windows also provide vast colour choices.

Comar contemporary and traditional windows.

When used as a direct fix window with the 75mm deep frame, Comar aluminium windows offer a choice of a square or a profiled outer frame.

Square outer frames provide a clean, contemporary line with a smooth appearance. The profiled outer frame gives a curved detail to the inside of the window frame to replicate the appearance of old timber windows. Of course, this window is ideal in a modern home where the softer interior detailing is preferred.

Where windows have opening elements, consumers have a choice of a flat, traditional or feature profile. The various vent profiles can be combined with the different outer frames to create individual looking windows if desired.

Mullions and transoms are also available as flat, ovular, featured and even large structural mullions where tall windows spanning a large opening are needed.

Therefore the Comar aluminium window suite provides a complete homeowner solution whatever the style of their house or their design and aesthetics requirements.

Comar Window security and locking options.

tall aluminium windows.
Comar windows are available in any style and design with premium security built-in.

Comar aluminium windows are rigorously tested to meet the current security requirements of modern aluminium windows and homeowner requirements. The Comar range of aluminium windows is available with advanced multi-point locking systems, espagnolette or shoot bolt locking to provide excellent security.

These modern window locking systems coupled with the inherent strength of aluminium with the Comar engineering and design in their windows all work together to create a highly secure window to meet BS7950, Secured by Design, PAS23 or PAS24 – the current industry standards subject to the locking system chosen.

Cockspur handles are the older and less secure method of locking a window and often used in commercial buildings. However, there may be areas of the home such as high level or hard to reach windows where security is not the primary concern. Therefore Comar aluminium windows are available with a simple cockspur locking or non-locking handle if needed.

In a modern aluminium window, glass is held in place by aluminium glazing beads. Comar windows are designed to have beads on the inside or the outside. Both internally and externally glazed aluminium windows feature the same excellent locking and security.

Colour options with Comar Aluminium Windows.

Comar aluminium windows feature all the benefits of modern polyester powder coating technology, used to colour, finish and protect aluminium.

There are over 200 RAL colours available to coat Comar windows, including contemporary metallic finishes and even different colours inside and out. Architects may even favour the latest in silver, bronze or painted anodised finishes as well.

Thermal and Weather performance of Comar Aluminium Windows for the Home.

For residential properties, the Comar 5P.i ECO+ offers the most thermally efficient type of aluminium window.

Thermally efficient Polyamide Insulation (P.i) is an integral part of the window profiles and overall system. The ECO+ Comar aluminium windows provide enhanced thermal performance compared to the standard Comar ECO window range. On the ECO+, the thermal polyamide barriers are bigger reducing thermal transmission and also featuring a specially inserted thermal foam.

As a result of this engineering and design, Comar aluminium windows achieve Low U-Values and can make an A+ window energy rating when used with the correct specification glass.

For weather performance, Comar windows are extensively tested to ensure high levels of resistance to air, wind and water.

The range of Comar Aluminium Windows.

house with comar windows.
Contact us for more information about the Comar aluminium window ranges.

Within the Comar 5 suite of aluminium windows is a comprehensive suite of aluminium window solutions. Comar windows are available as:

  • Side hung and top hung opening out windows.
  • Bottom hung opening in windows.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Horizontal and Vertical Pivot Windows
  • Top Swing Reversible Windows.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Sliding Windows.

If you are a homeowner considering the latest generation, British designed and manufactured aluminium windows from Comar; please contact us.