7 Special features found in the Comar Bifolding Door.

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Nick Dardalis

The Comar 7P.i bifolding door has been cleverly designed to meet the requirements of both quality conscious homeowners and the design-focused architect.

In creating their bifolding door, Comar has taken its expertise from its success in both the residential and commercial market sectors. The result is a Comar product that we think is one of the few bifolding doors on the market that can meet both the needs of the discerning homeowner as well as the commercial client.

Are residential and commercial bifolding doors the same?

comar bifolding door in a house
Comar bifolding doors possess some special features rarely found in other bifolding door systems.

A bifolding door is very much targeted towards the homeowner promoting security, aesthetics, excellent performance and colour options. All these features are important. However, when a bifolding door is to enhance a property other than a dwelling, there are other features that a client may require.

Exceptional Features of the Comar bifolding door.

The Comar aluminium folding door provides all the essential elements of a well designed, quality aluminium bifold. However, it also possesses some features that many other bifolding door brands do not have.

These are features will appeal to both homeowners and commercial clients.

1. Comar doors are one of the slimmest bifolding doors you can buy.

As homeowners do their research around their ideal bifolding door for their house, one important requirement is the slimness of the product. The key dimension is the visible sight line when all the door panels are closed together, commonly referred to as the ‘door mullion’.

Most major systems are around the 135mm to 160mm sight line. Comar offers sight lines of just 120mm making it one of the thinnest aluminium bifolding doors on the market.

2. The Comar bifolding door is available with a deep bottom rail.

There are few systems on the market outside of timber bifolding doors providing a deeper bottom rail. Some property styles, high traffic environments as well as preference call for bifolding doors with a thicker, deeper bottom rail.

Comar bifolding doors are available with this deeper bottom rail adding a further 100mm to the sight line at the foot of the doors.

3. Comar bifolding doors have four different midrail options.

Residentially at least, a bifolding door midrail is not often required when a bifolding door is intended for the back of the house to provide great views of the outside space and link the inside to the outside.

By comparison, a well-designed bifolding can be used in an entrance porch, as an internal room divider as well as a shop, cafe, restaurant or bar. Commercial buildings catering for customers must provide doors to meet many different user requirements.

A midrail can create a visual barrier as well as provide flexibility to combine glass with solid panels or other glazing materials. With this in mind, the Comar bifolding door provides four midrails, available at depths of 65mm, 70mm, 85mm 105mm.

4. Comar bi folds can have a letter plate.

Comar has designed its bifolding door to take a two-part midrail housing an aluminium panel with a letter plate. A particular midrail profile is fitted in the door panel with an Axim letter plate in between. For bifolding doors in studios, small retail units and many other buildings the facility to have a letter plate provides new functionality to a folding door.

5. Comar bi-folding doors offer fixed and adjustable frame jambs.

The Comar bifolding door is good news for builders in being able to come with both a fixed and adjustable frame jamb. For new or replacement openings, the flexibility of additional adjustment ensures doors will work reliably even if the structural opening is a little irregular in its size.

6. Comar bifolding doors feature a Tied Mullion Section.

The tied mullion feature on a Comar folding door enables additional reinforcement to be fixed better the meeting stiles of the folding door panels. This feature is useful where doors are likely to have regular and intensive use in high-traffic environments or where the glazing material results in a much heavier door panel. It is also useful where the client simply wants a more reinforced door at the mullions.

7.  Comar bifolding doors integrate with other aluminium products.

All Comar products are designed to work with each other and the Comar 7P.i folding door is no exception.  The door can integrate with curtain walling, shopfront screens and can have additional side panels, gable feature windows or toplights.

The Comar 7P.i folding door is available from a network of aluminium fabricators and installers. If you would like further information on where to buy, please contact us.