Specifying Kawneer for Residential Projects

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Kawneer as a systems company is firmly established in the provision of aluminium windows and doors for dwellings and residential developments.

Working with their network of specialist aluminium fabricators and installers Kawneer supply a range of products, which includes:

  • Casement windows
  • Sliding and opening windows
  • Sliding and folding doors
  • and specialised windows

All the above provide high-quality aluminium solutions for houses, flats, student and care accommodation with quality aluminium solutions.

What criteria do residential windows and doors have to meet?

residential contemporary windows.
A complete house fitted with the latest generation Kawneer doors and windows.

Private clients, architects, construction firms and property development companies all need to create dwellings with high-performance windows that also provide value and design solutions. Security, thermal performance, functionality and cost are all important factors when looking to specify windows and doors for residential projects.

The Kawneer range of windows and doors meets the requirements of homeowners and contractors in several key areas.

Window Security

A fundamental attribute of any window is how it can resist forced entry. Every window is expected to resist forced entry and protect a property. Kawneer aluminium windows and doors are available with a range of locking systems and handles. When provided with the appropriate security hardware, products meet the enhanced security requirements of PAS 23, PAS 24 and BS 7950.

Kawneer residential windows and doors are independently tested to also meet the requirements of Secured by Design. Kawneer is a member of the Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark enhanced security certification scheme providing independent testing for Secured by Design.

Thermal Performance, U-Values and Window Energy Ratings.

With energy efficiency, low U-Values and Window Energy Ratings changing and becoming more stringent systems companies strive to make their windows as energy efficient as possible.

Kawneer windows and doors have the latest thermal break technology ensuring Low U-Values, ‘A Window Energy Ratings and Green Guide BRE A-Ratings. The Kawneer AA®540 and the AA®600TEPlus windows are suitable for residential applications with an A rating.

Aluminium Doors and Window with rigorous weather performance.

kawneer windows in a house.
Kawneer windows offer varying levels of thermal performance to meet differing the cost, design and U Value requirements.

Like security, independent weather testing is carried out on all Kawneer doors and windows to ensure their operational reliability, weatherability and durability.

With a broad range of Kawneer windows and doors installed in high-rise apartment buildings, a reliable exposed window is essential. Kawneer windows and doors have been rigorously tested to BS 6375 (Parts 1 & 2).

Aluminium windows with acoustic and specialist glass.

With glass forming the major part of an aluminium window and door, so glazing technology can provide a range of specialist glass for a variety of applications and requirements.

The current generation of Kawneer doors and windows enable windows to provide enhanced security, acoustic, solar control, shading and many other conditions. Triple glazing can also be accommodated within most Kawneer windows and doors.

Natural Ventilation

Different buildings call for varying levels of ventilation, whether mechanical or natural. Kawneer provides windows that can accept a range of trickle ventilators, glazed in vents and can be automatic.

Aluminium windows and doors with future-proofing.

Building standards, associations and organisations exist to ensure modern homes are energy efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly and built for a long service life.

With this in mind Kawneer doors and windows are capable of meeting well known standards and requirements including:

  • Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • NHBC Compliance
  • Lifetime HomesBREEAM

Kawneer windows and doors are widely specified.

Kawneer offers a complete service from the creation of the aluminium extrusion, through to finishing, delivery, design and specification.

The Kawneer suite of windows and doors is available through a specialised network of expert aluminium fabricators and installers all over the UK.  If you would like further information on how Kawneer systems can work in a residential property, please contact us.