New In-house Powder Coating Facility for Kestrel Aluminium

Kestrel Aluminium Systems are a Birmingham based Systems company providing a range of commercial and residential windows, doors, curtain walling, shop fronts and bifolding doors. Kestrel has invested substantially in its operations to now provide an in-house powder coating facility to their network of fabricators and installers.

An improved service by Kestrel Aluminium.

painting aluminium extrusions.
Kestrel aluminium now offer an improved service with their investment in an on-site powder coating facility.

Kestrel’s new powder paint plant utilises 30000 sq.ft. of warehouse space, powder coating aluminium extrusions with the latest Nordson booths and equipment.

Nordson powder coating equipment offers a sophisticated and modern day products and tools for the colouring, finishing and protection of powder coated aluminium with applicator guns, bulk feed machinery and quality paint booths.

The horizontal paint line installed by Kestrel is automated and computer controlled ensuring Kestrel’s range of window, door and framing sections are coated with the right quantity of powder and delivering a quality paint finish.

A modern powder coating line also features the ability to provide faster colour changes helping companies like Kestrel process more painted material in a working day. It also works in a very environmentally friendly way helping waste powder get re-used in a more environmentally friendly way.

Kestrel aluminium windows for residential and commercial properties.

horizontal paint line.
Kestrel’s new paint line offers consistent paint quality with recycling of waste powder.

Kestrel fabricators and installers are now installing windows and doors in a mixture of dwellings and commercial buildings, both with the same expectation of a consistent and quality paint finish.

Kestrel has moved its staff and operations to their Head Office Aston making them another systems company to provide aluminium extrusions, accessories, administration and finishing all under one roof. The benefit to Kestrel customers is an improved and cohesive service.

The introduction of an on-site powder coating facility is a further stage in Kestrel’s expansion following on from the introduction of their new and highly contemporary flat rooflight.

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