How are Kawneer installers trained?

Kawneer is one of the UK’s best-known providers of commercial aluminium systems and also offers a broad range of products for residential applications.

The range of Kawneer aluminium systems can be found in all manner of residential and commercial buildings, both straightforward and complex in design. To ensure that installers can manage the technical and business aspects of its products, Kawneer provides a rigorous process of vetting, training and authorisation.

Product training for Kawneer windows, doors and curtain walling.

stratford halo large
One of London’s tallest residential towers with Kawneer architectural aluminium.

The installation of aluminium windows and doors can be simple or highly complex. With buildings such as high-rise residential towers, demanding more from glazing installers, Kawneer provides a full range of services designed to help construction projects.

For its construction projects, Kawneer offers.

  • Project design
  • Fabrication and installation support
  • Financial costing to keep buildings costs down
  • Organisational, logistical and manpower resources.

For training, Kawneer installers undergo full training before being approved as Kawneer installers. Additionally, top-up courses are in place to ensure installers are acutely aware of latest standards, changes and to keep up-to-date on product enhancements and modifications.

The Kawneer Installation Certification Initiative.

The Kawneer Installation Certification Initiative (KIC) Course has been developed by the Company to ensure that their products are correctly installed and to help minimise site defects and errors. The course is intended not just for the actual product installers but also for Project and Contract Managers, Site Supervisors and Fitting Team members.

Even main contractors have staff that have taken the KIC training offered by Kawneer.

Kawneer training involves written examinations, NVQ Level 2 qualification in curtain walling installation and ongoing assessment. Upon completion of training, installers are issued with a photo ID card verifying the competence of the installers.

Kawneer has trained Nearly 1000 installers.

Kawneer says that they have trained over 950 installers to date with a 74% pass rate. Few systems companies can claim this number of fitters trained. With training, Kawneer ensures several benefits for the Company, its fabricators, installers and the construction industry.

  • Training creates and reinforces a ‘best practice’ environment in construction.
  • Kawneer ensures a standardised installation ethos amongst its fabricators and installers.
  • KIC differentiates Kawneer as a systems company from others.
  • KIC helps ensure a safe, secure and exact installation.

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